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Adapt or Die.

The Last Blacksmith

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December 17, 2011. In an indeterminate Italian school.



Principal: Tell me, Matteo. Are you aware of why you are in my office? Are you aware of what you just did?



Matteo: Well yeah I know what I did. It was worth it? Yes, I know that too.


Principal: Keep your irony to yourself. You are in a serious situation...


Principal: You just beat up the councilman's son. Are you crazy? Our school gets a lot of money from that family, now we need to take action!


Matteo: He could probably avoid putting my mother in the middle, and start the fight...


Matteo: Yet it's only me here...


Principal: I'll tell you something, which is also a lesson for life, Matteo.


Principal: Sometimes, we are at a disadvantage, and we have to know how to stay in our place...


Principal: And if, therefore, it is the son of a well-known councilor who provokes us, while you are only the son of a blacksmith. Well, we simply have to stay in our place, and accept inferiority...



Principal: That's how the world works sometimes. Adapt or die.




Matteo: You are right, principal. I'm the son of a blacksmith, and I can't afford to have problems with someone that important, who funds this institution for the most part.


Matteo: I beg you to not suspend me. Now I will go outside and apologize to Emanuele and his father.


Principal: Glad you got the lesson. Now go.



The teenager goes out the door of the principal's office, and finds the two people mentioned a short time before in front of him.



Principal: Matteo has to tell you something.


Matteo: I'm sorry Emanuele, and I'm sorry councilor. My behavior was unacceptable, and please accept my apologies.


Councilor: You needn't worry, Principal. We accept apologies. Unfortunately it's not the boys fault. But of the context in which they grow up. The problem is the parents... growing up in a poor social context, well... it's difficult. Isn't that right, Matteo?


Principal: Indeed. Do you want to add something Matteo?


Matteo: Yes, thank you.


Matteo: There is one more thing I want you to know...


Matteo: Emanuele...


Matteo: Mr.councilor....



Matteo looks up and lets out a mischievous smile.


Matteo: you can go fuck yourself!





Matteo: Fine, see you in two weeks. And Emanuele, clean your face. There is still the mark of deez nutz I put on your chin!



The boy is forcibly loaded by two janitors and taken out of the school.

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