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A Superhero Arrives


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We see the camera pan in on a convenience store with police surrounding the building. It seems like there is an attempted robbery in progress. The cops are about to bust in the door when suddenly, a man in a black and white mask bursts through the entrance with the perpetrator tied up.


Chief of Police: Stand down, boys. Looks like we were beaten to the punch by "you know who".


The masked hero lays the criminal on the floor and walks over to the police officer.


Jaden Hero: You gotta be faster then that, chief! Otherwise, I'll end up doing all your jobs for you!


Chief of Police: Very funny Jaden. Very funny.


Jaden Hero: I didn't strike a nerve there chief, did I?


The chief looks visibly mad at Jaden.


Jaden Hero: I'll take that as a yes.


As Jaden is about to leave, a squad of news reporters flood to the scene of the crime. One of them immediately approaches Jaden and points a microphone at him.


News Reporter: Jaden, you've just assisted the police force of New York City stop another crime, your 5th this week. How do you do it?


Jaden Hero: Honest answer? Speed. Speed is key. I've spent my whole life in Yonkers. I practically know this place like the back of my hand. Hell, I probably know it better than Chief over there.


News Reporter: I've also been looking to get a definitive answer to a hot rumour that's been going around the web for a while.


Jaden Hero: Oh really? By all means, fire away?


News Reporter: Is it true that you're planning on joining the wrestling promotion "OCW" in the near future?


Jaden Hero: I don't know how you crazy cats figured that out so fast. Might have to have a word with Sean Ross about that. But all joking aside, yes. I am planning on joining OCW in the future.


News Reporter: If you're joining OCW, will you be abandoning your duties as the vigilante of Yonkers?


Jaden Hero: OCW will be taking up a lot of my spare time, but I will try to remain in Yonkers as often as I can. I have family here, so I wanna try and be there for them as much as humanly possible. But even if I'm not here, I can rest easy knowing that the police here will do a fine job. I may take a lot of shots at them, but genuinely, they're great guys.


News Reporter: Thanks for your time, Jaden!


Jaden Hero: Thank you, citizen!


Before the rest of the paparazzi and press can arrive at the scene, Jaden quickly puts on a hooded leather jacket and walks into the massive crowd, losing the press in the process.


Jaden Hero: Good to know the people still love me. Time to see what the people of OCW think of the Skytop Superhero!

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