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Dean Boss Dapp of Brawlful Choice on Harri Etiquette's 2023 plans

Colin Locke

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Brawlful Choice have been informed that newly crowned OCW Women's Champion Harri Etiquette has spent much of her Christmas break arranging high profile sponsorship and merchandise deals for the new year.


Sources close to Harri have advised Brawful to 'keep [our] fucking mouths shut' because 'this was meant to be a surprise', and so the nature of these deals is not yet known. We can, however, speculate, based on very little, that Marvel is looking at Harri to be a key player in their fifteen-post-multiverse-phase, a non-speaking role in an upcoming Battlestar Galactica series will make Harri larger than the wrestling business itself, and we have heard that shortly after The Clash, Harri spent all night repeated singing her theme song while obstructing a hotel corridor.


Various other sources have noted that we will find out the exact nature of these deals in the coming weeks, and that OCW programming will be a key part of the promotional strategy for these many Harri Etiquette related properties.


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