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A Superhero's Plan


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Jaden Hero steps into frame, wearing his signature mask and Black & White attire. He pulls up a folding chair and sits in it, facing the camera while he does so.


Jaden Hero: So... hello! Hi! If you don't know who I am already, my name is Jaden. I'm one of the new batch of rookies here in OCW. I'm a part-time wrestler, and part-time superhero, believe it or not. So, when I'm not busting it out there in the ring, I'm running across the rooftops of Yonkers, trying to make sure everybody is safe.


Jaden adjusts his chair and sits with his chest facing the back of the chair.


Jaden Hero: Believe me, I've heard it all. That I'm some overconfident pushover. That I'm delusional and only think that I'm a superhero. That I'm a small fish in a big pond. That I'm nobody. But I'm used to it. It comes with the territory. You have your fans and you have your haters. I may not be as experienced as some of the other guys here, but I have one thing that a lot of other people have, and that's heart.


Jaden Hero stands up from his chair and stands over at the window.


Jaden Hero: There are hundreds of kids back home... kids who I used to be like. They all love professional wrestling as much as I do, and they would all kill for the opportunity that I have been given. Those kids... they look up to me, cause when they look at me, they don't see some random guy in a mask. What they see... is a superhero. Someone who can defy the odds and do the impossible. If I can inspire at least one child to chase their dreams and do what they want to do in life, then I will never quit as long as I'm with this company.


Jaden Hero walks over to the door and opens it, but not before looking back at the camera.


Jaden Hero: The moral of the story is this, kids. Never Give Up. Never Back Down. Never Quit On Yourself. Never Listen To The Haters. Always Move Forward.


Jaden walks out the door, raising a thumbs up as he goes.

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