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October 27


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October 27, Philadelphia, PA.


Gray tinted clouds cover the sunshine, while rain begins to drizzle into the fall breeze.


A crowd of mourners begins to disperse as the scene rests on a man dressed in black, only distinguished by his towering figure. A smaller, slightly frail man walks toward him.


Nipsey: I'm glad you made the drive, Los. He would've wanted you here.


The two men stand side by side, looking over a casket as it's lowered into the ground.


Telos: I already can't face the world. Not sure if I would be able to face myself if I wasn't here.


Telos' face rests in shadow as Nipsey gives him a pat on the back.


Nipsey: No matter what you did, or what adversity you faced, your father was proud of you. And he loved you.


Telos: I don't know why he would be. How can you take pride in something unrefined? Unfinished? All I did was let him down.


Nipsey stops to ponder the question.


Nipsey: Your fault ain't in your failures boy. It's in your resolve. Just because some shit didn't go your way, doesn't mean the job is done.


Nipsey: He didn’t get to do all he wanted, and he didn’t get to see you do what you wanted. Yall in the same boat, but you still got time Los. So before you lose the chance, go ahead and tell him what you need.


Nipsey gives Telos a pat on the arm before turning and following the crowd away from the cemetery. Telos, still covered in shadow, lowers his head to look toward the casket.

Telos: I used to want to be noticed. Then that turned into wanting people to feel my presence when I walked in the room, stepped into the ring….but things are different now.


Telos: You and I shared a lot of things over the years. But the one thing that we’ve shared since my first day on Earth is gone now. I’m sorry for that. But I’m gonna make it right. I’m gonna make them see me the way you saw me. Unrefined, but unbreakable. Undisciplined, but unyielding. Unfinished, and unstoppable. I love you back, pop. And I promise you, they will see me.


Telos remains standing over the grave, oblivious to the storm brewing above him.

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