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[JynX Promo - Why am I here?]


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OCW camera crew spots newly signed JynX walking through the woods. Late night, crickets crip, frogs sound off, and a clique of crows fly by The Insanitic Clown.



"Nature tells an untold story if you listen closely; the crows must of sensed me scent among such rubbish. They fear none, as I and the wind whispers secrets as well. I've heard it all...What's ahead of me; a pathway, where light appears to be at the end.*


Devilish grin and slight laugher.


"Symbolic? I'm not superstitious, but this is a sign to what's to come--"


An Owl can be heard while JynX continues to walk.



"The pathway is cleared, and where it leads to? Time will tell the same story nature does, it'll utter the same secrets the wind speaks...


JynX steadily walks as cameras begin to fade as "King" by Scarlxrd can be heard lightly.


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