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WhereCulture Wrestling EXCLUSIVE: Women’s Wrestler Suspended Indefinitely


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OCWFed has learned today of the sudden suspension handed down to one of its notable competitors in the women’s division.


Shortly after Ambition’s “new era” debut in Hell’s Kitchen, NY, OCW General Manager Empress dropped a press release addressing the unexpected appearance at the show from Terra Daturas.


Daturas, who has been tied up in a sometimes violent back and forth with the new General Manager over the last 7 months, hopped the guardrail in what OCW officials called an “unscheduled appearance”.


After the loss to Empress and her team in the first ever War Games match at Road 2 Glory several weeks ago, Terra returned to OCWFed TV on the June 2nd episode of RIOT, where she called out the General Manager for a match at Wrestlution 17.


Empress quickly refused the request and demanded Terra exit the ring. Given the storied history between the two women, it seems Terra is not willing to accept no for an answer and is going to unique and punishable measures to get a different answers.


It seems it did not take long for action to be taken, as Empress quickly prepared a press release immediately following Ambition.


The actions of Terra Daturas are abhorrent and against the wholesome, family values that Empress and OCWFed try to embody.


While this malfeasance was professionally and transparently handled last week, unfortunately management has to put the safety and comfort of the fans, performers, and staff before the selfish desires of a single individual.


As of June 7th, 2023, Terra Daturas (Tera Buteo) has been indefinitely suspended from OCWFed until a time that management has deemed her mentally fit to return. Terra Daturas will not be permitted to attend ANY OCW event as a fan or employee, nor will she be admitted into any building or arena hosting an OCW event within 7 days of the event taking place.


Because of the heinous and frightening actions Terra has taken over the last several months, a mental health professional has been recommended to both her and her spouse, fellow OCWFed employee Sue Plex.


We here in the OCWFed family truly look forward to Terra getting the help she desperately needs, not just for her professional career, but also for her personal well being.


Empress | OCW General Manager | June 7th, 2023 -


OCW Legend and the Head of Ambition, Paul Pugh, was not able to be reached for comment on the situation.


We will continue to monitor the situation as it develops, but certainly this is disappointing news for fans of Terra Daturas, as we are just 31 days away from the biggest spectacle in professional wrestling, Wrestlution 17 in Las Vegas on July 8th and 9th.

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