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No Pain

Drago Cesar

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It is a calm scene at the Cesar Dojo. The lovable “mascot” lion Bubba is taking a nap over his favorite giant teddy bear. Across from him is the former two time Women’s Champion Dragana Cesar. She grits her teeth while applying an ice patch to her back, still reeling from the brutal attack by Bertha Stigglitz. She gingerly bends down and sits on the couch.


Dragana: Ah!


She grabs an ice pack and presses it against the back of her head, leaning over to a supine position, letting out a few painful groans.


Dragana: Ugh….


She finally finds herself a comfortable spot, staring up at the lights.


A feeling she knows all too well.


Her first singles loss was handed to her by Ashley Blaine at The Clash, to see who was the strongest athlete at the time. The Silent Queen admired her strength.


Valkyrie put her through the Cell. Twice. No human being should have to go through that punishment.


Jasmin Kaffee proved her worth at the 18th Anniversary Show. The current Women’s Champion. A talented young lady, if only she hadn’t let her trauma corrupt her.


Her first and only submission loss was to Terra Daturas. The woman who she owes her life to. The one who taught her to embrace love, not hate.


The last thought causes her to tear up.


Dragana closes her eyes, almost overcome with emotion before letting out a shaky exhale.


The front door to the Cesar Dojo opens, taking Quiet Mami by surprise. Her attempts to get up from the couch are futile, sighing before resting her head back on the couch.


???: Good boy.


Bubba can be heard with a gentle purr. Dragana recognizes that voice. Has it been that long?


Blaine: Are you crying? Seriously?


Dragana shakes her head in denial of the clear tears. She looks up at the statuesque Ashley Blaine, the former “Gender Brutal” Women’s Champion and Queen of OCW.


Blaine: Yes, yes you are. What the hell?


Dragana sighs.


Blaine: Hey, this company takes, and takes, and takes. The suits don't care about how you feel, they don't care about how hurt you are. They don't give a damn.


Blaine: And that's why you gotta take it back. You want to smile again? You don't wait for anyone else to make you smile. You do what makes you happy. You've been it before, you can be it again.


Dragana turns her head and raises an eyebrow in confusion.


Blaine: Now, I'm willing to bet smacking that cabbage upside her head and toppling that wall will make you feel better. Yeah?




Blaine: And I'm willing to bet showing all those ungrateful bitches that rode your coattails will make you feel better?


Dragana: AGH!


The Silent Queen pushes herself up to a seated position, tossing the ice pack to the side.


Blaine: That's what I thought, so get off your ass and get back to training. No pain.


Dragana: Hm.


She finally gets up to her feet, attempting to give Blaine a hug before she’s stopped by a hand to her shoulder. Dragana’s face turns a slight shade of red.


Blaine: We can do that when this is all over.


Dragana: Mmm!


Blaine: No pain!

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