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BREAKING! Former OCWFED Superstar, Rehired!


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Former OCWFED Wrestler Claude Hall Becomes Ambassador for OCWFED, Sponsored by COO Drago Cesar

New York - August 30, 2023 -

OCWFED, the world-renowned wrestling promotion, is excited to announce that former wrestler Claude Hall has been sponsored by Drago Cesar, the Chief Operating Officer of OCWFED, to become an ambassador for the company. This decision comes after Claude's impressive apology at Summercide 2023, leaving Drago convinced of Claude's potential to be a valuable asset to the organization.


Claude Hall's journey back to OCWFED began after a regrettable incident last June where he assaulted a fan. Since then, Claude has shown genuine remorse by publicly and privately apologizing for his actions. Additionally, he has taken part in anger management courses, paid a significant fine, and generously donated to charity as part of his efforts to make amends with OCWFED, Mr.Sensation and the World.


The CEO of OCWFED, Mr. Sensation, fully supports this decision and expresses his hopes that Claude seizes this second chance. Acknowledging the COO's sponsorship, Mr. Sensation expresses confidence that Claude can rebuild his reputation and make a positive impact with the company.


With this sponsorship, Drago Cesar emphasizes the importance of adhering to strict guidelines. Any deviation from Claude's duties will result in an immediate release from the ambassador position. Drago specifically highlights that Claude must avoid physical contact with anyone and maintain a professional appearance at all times by wearing a suit.


The OCWFED community eagerly anticipates Claude Hall's reintegration into the company, with the hope that he demonstrates a renewed commitment to integrity and conducts himself as a model ambassador. OCWFED remains committed to providing opportunities for personal growth and redemption, and this sponsorship is a testament to that commitment.


For media inquiries or further information, please contact:



OCWFED is one of the leading professional wrestling promotions in the world, known for its high-quality events, talented roster, and dedicated fan base. With a rich history spanning several decades, OCWFED continues to thrill audiences with its unique blend of athleticism, storytelling, and entertainment.

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