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A message for Rust Cohle

The Last Blacksmith

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The scene opens in a dark room. Only a man can be glimpsed, sitting on a chair and with a desk in front of him, illuminated by a lamp placed on it.


The camera starts behind the figure in the center of the room, then turns around it and frames its face.


It's The Last Blacksmith.


TLB: Rusty, Rusty, Rusty


TLB:or Pierre..


TLB: I hope you don't mind if I decide to make it personal, but see what I'm about to tell you now, it's as if a friend of yours was telling you. A brother.


TLB: Here, consider me your brother.


TLB: See, I'm not mad at you.


TLB: I understand that your time isn't the best. You just lost a title to a rookie..


TLB: And yes, it's true. you landed B17, but let's be clear. We're talking about a cardboard cutout compared to what it once he was.


TLB: So I understand your desire for revenge. your desire to demonstrate. And I respect it. Truly.


TLB: But you see, Pierre, what you don't understand is that you're walking into something you can't face. And you're doing it led by ignorance.


TLB:Look what happened to Solomon Caine. Or Iceman. Or Hito Gui. Or Harvey Hamilton Ocean...


TLB: Your Friend, Quartz...


TLB: All those who have undertaken this path have had indelible signs. Signs that nothing can erase.


TLB: Now my friend, as I told you, once you take this path. There's no going back. There is no protection, there is no narrative. You are without armor, naked, defenseless.


TLB: If you decide to take this path, it won't just be a match. But you will enter my kingdom. In a realm of suffering, and violence.


TLB: I know you think you are a pillar of this generation. But believe me, it won't take much, a small earthquake to shatter you.


TLB: So I ask you, as a person who doesn't want this, you have to believe me. Don't go this route.


TLB: Because you can't beat me...


Blacksmith smiles mischievously


TLB: réfléchis-y mon ami...

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