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POST TURMOIL 303 SOCIAL MEDIA EXCLUSIVE - Antonio Everrett backstage

Antonio Everrett

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Following the huge main event on Turmoil, OCW’s cameras are following Tony backstage as he makes his way through the backstage area.


The adrenaline has warn off from the match, and he is being held up either side by DOC and Kareem Franklin. His left leg drags along the floor as he lifts his right, ensuring that no weight is placed on it.


Kareem: Shit, Tony, we need to get you to the medical room.


Antonio: Bruv, my knee is f*cked. I just heard it go pop when I tried to hit that stupid moonsault to the outside. I’m such an idiot!


Kareem: Yeah, we all saw, my guy. It’s all good, we’ll get you looked at.


Antonio is eventually lead to a doctor’s room where he is sat down. He leans back and winces in pain as ice is applied to the knee and neck of Tony. The doctor begins to inspect Tony’s knee.


Antonio: What do you reckon, doc?


Doctor: Well, we’re gonna need to get you a scan but best case scenario is you’ve severely hyperextended it.


Antonio: And how long would that put me out for?


Doctor: A few weeks, maybe a month or two depending.


Antonio: And worst case?


The doctor looks up with a solemn expression on his face. He sighs.


Doctor: Worst case is you’ve torn a ligament in there and would need surgery. Considering how long you were out there after you hurt yourself as well, if that’s the case, then you’re looking at up to a year out, maybe more.


Antonio: Shit, I don’t have that sort of time, bruv! This is all my fault.


Tony puts his head in his hands.


Kareem: Don’t worry, Tony, that’s only the worst case. You were able to walk out on your own weight. That means something, right?


Antonio: If I can’t defend this title, then I can’t provide for my family. If I can’t do that, then everything I’ve sacrificed over the last seven months becomes pointless!


Doctor: Hopefully it won’t come to that. We’ll get you in for a scan as soon as possible.


Antonio: … thank you.

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