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The Seltzer Score - Turmoil 304 & London Calling!


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The Seltzer Score: Turmoil 304



5 Seltzers - Match of The Year Contender or Winner

4 Seltzers - Amazing Match

3 Seltzers - Good Match

2 Seltzers - It’s a match

1 Seltzers - Oh dear

(Meta Note, while not listed in the recap frequent 0 Finisher kick outs result in a ¼ or greater point deduction from a total score)

Paul Harris vs JynX - 2 ¼ Seltzers

Solid opening in a highly anticipated rookie match, JynX took advantage early and held it. Crowd was into it until we got to the outside where we stayed till the end with numerous stopping of the ref count. Anti-climatic finish.


Cody Hagen vs. Sammuel Omen - 1 ½ Seltzers

Big Meaty Opening on a mini grudge match. The action was very back and forth until we got to the outside where we stayed. Crowd was invested until the outside portion of the match, frequently stopping the ref counts to inflict more damage. Leaving the crowd a bit deflated, the rematch should be better.


Pick Your Poison - Perfect Storm vs. Christian Garcia & Sheldon Tremblay. 3 ¼ Seltzers

Good pacing crowd was into the Poison reveal. Perfect Storm maintained a solid lead till the last quarter of the match using H20 as the bulwark. Lots of high impact action and tag cohesion.


Shianne Lovelace vs. Lotus Flojo - 3 ¾ Seltzers

Styles make fights, very even pacing, a lot of counter wrestling, high impact and high velocity exciting to watch live. Crowd was invested.

Pick Your Poison Handicap - The Believers vs DNS 2 ¾ Seltzers

After last week's contest the crowd didn’t have hope for The Believers this was cemented by the fact it was a 3 on 2 handicap title match. Marathon of a match, nice to see Samsin back in ring action.Tag team cohesion from both teams, despite the odds the believers held there own for a majority of the match against insurmountable odds.


Main Event - Wrex vs. Tony Everrett - 3 ¾ Seltzers

1st time meeting between the 2 in singles competition. Crowd was thoroughly invested. Knock down drag out affair, a lot of brutal hard hitting moves from both parties, A few hiccups in the later stages didn't detract from the violent portrait that was painted.


The Seltzer Score: London Calling 2023


5 Seltzers - Match of The Year Contender or Winner

4 Seltzers - Amazing Match

3 Seltzers - Good Match

2 Seltzers - It’s a match

1 Seltzers - Oh dear

(Meta Note, while not listed in the recap frequent 0 Finisher kick outs result in a ¼ or greater point deduction from a total score)


Grudge Match - Grit & Glory vs Mass Effect - 3 Seltzers

A very personal feud comes to a head. Crowd enjoyed all the meat and no potatoes. Copious amounts of tag team cohesion from both teams hitting impressive power moves. A little long but pacing kept it eventful.

Belle w/Ashely Moore vs. Val Eerie - 3 ¼ Seltzers

Underrated match. Crowd became invested once Val showed she came to fight and wouldn’t be a pushover. A very good sleeper hit for the evening with good pacing from both competitors. Ashley getting socked in the face for standing on the rope was an accidental renaissance. Both women looked impressive on their PPV debuts. Annoyed Val got punked in the end by Ashley


Mixed Match Grudge - K.C. Barrett vs. La Serena Tormenta - 3 ½ Seltzers

Frenzied pace, incredibly brutal back and forth affair. Some of the counters and reversals added to the spectacle of brutality. The crowd was very invested in this exciting outing.


Underground Fight Club - The Collective vs. DNS - 2 ¾ Seltzers

Incredible visceral visual, Crowd enjoyed the chaotic encounter, lots of carnage in the 6 man affair, didn’t overstay its welcome.


Aleksander Bolek vs Wrex - 3 ½ Seltzers

Boleks open challenge as answered by none other than Wrex. The crowd thoroughly enjoyed the Wrex reveal. Bolek managed to hold his own against Wrex. Both men played to their strengths with Wrex, Brawling and Bolek using his athleticism and precision strikes.


Dragana vs. Amy Jade Miller - 3 ¾ Seltzers

Crowd really enjoyed it, most assumed Dragana would be a foregone conclusion. AJM controlled the 1st parts of the match gaining an advantage only for Dragana to push the pace and even things up and change the temperature of the match. Lots of back and forth, counter wrestling and a truly “Frenetic” Pace


Main Event - N.A. Championship - Viktor Karmine vs. Paul Boulet 3 ¾ Seltzers

A long standing grudge match has come to a head. Crowd enjoyed the bout. A lot of old school pacing and movement. With both men trying to slow each other down with submissions. Boulet held his lead for a majority of this match using dastardly and ASStardly tactics, shocking the crowd. It came down to the wire for both competitors as the pace and competitiveness remained throughout the entire match with both men risking it all to win!


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