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Going to NYC

Colt Starr

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I didn't really like the cowboy thing so I went another way.



The smell of hot trash and prostitutes fill the air in a very dingy area in New Jersey. Stray cat and dogs run across the streets trying dodge the car speeding past as if trying to escape the neighborhood as soon as possible. A taxi sits outside of the worst apartment complex in the neighborhood. The break lights are on waiting for a passenger to come to the car. Minutes pass but no one appears so the taxi turns off the engine and begins to honk the horn. The driver honks once, twice, three times but no one appears. The driver then honks the horn and holds on to it causing the sound to echo through the neighborhood. From a dimly lit room on the top floor of the apartment a voice yells at the taxi driver in a thick accent common of the Jersey Shore


Colt: Alright! Be right down asshole!


Colt continues to franticly throw his clothes into a big black duffle bag.


Colt: (To himself) Just a little bit longer and I’ll be out of this hell trap. Here I am 35 years old just now taking shot at another career. Its sad but I can’t stay here the rest of my life. I’m tired of sitting back and feeling sorry for myself. I’m tired catering to other people make little to nothing. I’m tired of going to my class reunion and having to lie about what ever the hell I’m doing with my life. I look back and compare my life to my high school classmates and I want what they have. I want the high paying job, the benefits, the fast cars…


Colts thoughts are interrupted by a hand banging on his apartment door.


Ted: Open up ass hat, you know you still have money to pay me before you leave. Your two months behind, and you know your lucky I haven’t put you out on the streets.


Colt: Hold on a minute!


He places his last piece of clothing in his bag and zips it up. Colt takes a moment to look at his apartment room one more time.


Colt: (To himself) I hope I never see a place like this again.


Colt cuts off the light and opens his door where his landlord Ted is standing in front of him.


Ted: Keys!


Colt drops the apartment key into Ted’s hand.


Ted: Rent money!


Colt tries to hand Ted an envelope to Ted.


Ted: No you count it for me.


Colt pulls the money out of the envelope and spreads out the money in his hands. He looks at Ted and tosses the money in the air.


Colt: You can count it yourself.


Colt walks down the staircase.


Ted: Don’t even thing of coming back here when you fall flat on your face, asshole!


Colt ignores Ted.


Colt: (To himself) Don’t worry because I won’t.


Colt reaches the taxi and takes his seat in the back, placing his bag in the other seat.


Taxi Driver: About time.


Colt: Take me to the city.


The driver pulls off and heads down the street. Colt takes on last look at his former home.


Colt: (To himself) Time to make it big.


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