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King of OCW breakdown

Stacy Clark

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The King of OCW comes down to the final four tonight as Josiah Cross, Smythe DaWonder, Versus and Guy Fausto do battle to become the King of OCW for 2008 here we will break down the possible match ups and go over all the superstars


First off we have Josiah Cross, the Death Row boss who smashed his way through the preliminaries racking up 7 points and earning his spot. He is the powerhouse of the bunch and will be using his club like fists and awesome size to clobber the opposition. Cross is the new kid on the Main Event block and has the most to prove tonight making him a ver dangerous threat to steal the entire show and walk away as King Cross.


Next is the resident Alpha-heel. the literal surviour of the Blue group. Smythe advances due to alot of comotion and a tie breaker win over Chris Mania. Hell, Smythe had to wrestle an extra match just to get here but the reigning number 1 contender is in the final. Smythe is a unorthodox technitian in ring using whatever he can get his hands on to pull out a W. but he meets Cross in the first match and Cross has a score to settle going into the King of OCW.


Smythe Vs Cross has actually been brewing for quite a while. Smythe won his first ever OCW title shot on Riot in a 4-way where Anthony Martin pinned Kang then Cross pinned Martin and Smythe snuck into to put Cross away using an exposed turnbuckle. Since then Cross wasn't happy. In the tag tournament a few weeks back Cross replaced Seth Irving to get his revenge for that mishap only to have the Bloodline advance and eventually win the tournament. Cross's wrath might be to much for Smythe to handle going into the single most important match of Cross's career.


Versus the evil Sage is back on the scene yet again. The Sage took nine points convincingly dominating the cleverly labeled "Green Group" and is looking towards a rematch with Nate Ortiz for the Consequence defeat that Saw Versus lose his CCW title. The Sage is the most techniqly sound wrestler of the bunch with a career of credentials already behind him. King of OCW is pretty much another notch under his belt. and with the Bloodline already taking OCW by storm this would add another thropy to the already stacked credentials that Versus brings to the club.


But to get to where he wants Versus has to dethrone Guy Fausto. The Reigning King of OCW, the yellow group nine point getter and perhaps the most dominant wrestler in OCW over the past year. This 2 time OCW champion has a knack for putting matches away and winning when it counts. Guy Fausto is surprisingly the dirtiest wrestler in the group and will eye poke face stomp and if you ask Smythe, even low blow his way to victory. Surely, he'd love another chance at Nate Ortiz even tho they've become friends as of late.


The Sage vs the fatman is an interesting match indeed. Versus has a new mean streak to counter Fausto's dirtyness. Both Hall of Fame wrestlers they know each other very well and both have been in high importance matches. both are seasoned wrestlers with a urge to win. and it is predicted that Nate Ortiz will indeed meet the winner of this match as Summercide. But counting out Cross or Smythe will be very tough to do. As they will fight in a barn burner, Smythe wants his Title shot badly and Cross wants to redeem himself from a months past. Smythe just went through a title match so he has the experience advantage in high profile fights. But determination is a monster when aimed properly, and Smythe's head is a massive and attainable target.


A possible Cross/Fausto final would see a clash of styles as a energetic tubbster would face off against a massive assualt from a bigger meaner man. Cross would look good here with the advantage in damage. But the experience factor might play a huge role. Corss/Versus would pretty much be the same thing. Smythe and Fausto would be a rematch from Consequence and a decent as we'd watch Smythe try to get over the hump and get to his dream match. Smythe/Versus would be a different treat altogether however, faction mates that are close (Nate and Fausto secretly are enemies) in the ring with a Summercide Main Event on the line could ruin the faction and set OCW ablaze again. Which I would LOVE TO SEE.


Either way these four superstars are to be congratulated for making it this far. All the best to them, and hopefully the match ups are as good as they have been measured up to be. This is your OCW insider.

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