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From The Eyes of The Revolution Evolution #2


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Evenin all how are ya?




Hows the back?




Right on to buisness...


Unforgiven unforsmiven

So yeah the latest WWE PPV rolls around and i will say i was slightly apprehensive about it, sheerly because we had three identical gimmick main events. but what the hay i don't have to pay any extra for it so lets get reet stuck in.

ECW Championship Scramble match

Mark Henry © Vs Matt Hardy Vs The Miz Vs Finlay Vs Chavo

Ok so i didnt really think this one would open the night, but there ya go apparently the Divas title has more prestige than the ECW WORLD(!) championship, whatever. I was seriously pulling for a Finaly or Miz win here, not that i would be disappointed with hardy winnin either. But as the match went on you could see that it was going that way, and holy mother of god yes, henry didnt win! Overall a good match, deserved to be higher on the bill though...

Winner and NEW ECW Champion: Matt Hardy

World Tag Team Championships

Ted DiBiase Jr & Cody Rhodes (c's) Vs Chryme Time

Seriously i was stoked for this match, and ill get slaughtered for it but i don't care, and ill tell you why. Firstly, its a WWE tag title match on a PPV with an actual story! next, it features two incredibly talented and entertaining teams, both with big futures ahed of them. Finnally it featured the final piece of the WWE steals from OCW saga, but i wont go into that as it is featured on the latest episode of The Reactor, which I will get too later in this lecture.....and it is a lecture. Anyway i think that right team won Rhodes and DiBiase are the serious future of the WWE, I hope the program with Chryme Time continues, just so i can hear the start of their music :).

Winners and STILL World Tag Team Champions: Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase Jr

Unsanctioned Match

Chris Jericho Vs Shawn Michaels

Seriously.....If you touched this feud you would get burned, it is red hot. This is by far the FotY so far, and with the happenings later in the night this looks to go the distance. As for the actual match, I think it was done well, it was brutal but not the over the top oh my god look at all the blood brutal, more the brutal internal battle HBK had over how to punish Y2J, absolute gold idea, pulled off to perfection.

Winner: Shawn Michaels

WWE Championship Scramble Match

Triple H © Vs Jeff Hardy Vs MVP Vs Shelton Benjamin Vs The Brian Kendrick

Now on paper this on didn't look too strong, a friend of mine said "why didn't they just book HHH Vs Hardy for the WWE title and have the other three triple threat for the US title", my answer after striking him very hard was " How else do you expect them to creat new main eventers?". I think this was the point of this match, putting two solid mid carders with a unknown quantity with two established main eventers that garner the big reactions. This match i believe will help Kendric finally get a solid place now with his new status in the singles area, MVP and Benji i think could of done with actually being interim champions during the match because it was kinda quiet for those two. In the end i thought the ending was weird with hard trying to cover benjamin rather than break up the pin with HHH, but there ya go, we could either be seeing a HHH Vs Hardy at No Mercy or HHH Vs The Brian Kendric......ok maybe not, but seriously could you imagine!

Winner & STILL WWE Champion: Triple H

WWE Divas Championship

Michelle McCool © Vs Maryse


Winner and STILL WWE Boo..Divas Champion: Michelle McCool

World Heavywieght Championship Scramble Match

Batista Vs JBL Vs Kane Vs Rey Mesterio Vs ????

Ok so hand up saw the end of this one comin? Thats right none of you douchebags. Hats off to the WWE for this one. But again the minuet you saw Jericho drag his battered ass down the ramp, you knew he would steal the W. but then again this is exactly what Raw needed, CM Punks rep isn't exactly hurt because he never lost the championship, which is again two good things. Also it will be interesting to see if the stigma of Jericho's first reign with the Undisputed Championship has been forgotten or will this one end up that same way. And of course next week on Raw is the cage rematch, which will no doubt feature an appearance by HBK, Orton, and Priceless. If it will signal the continue of the Y2J reign or the return to the Punk era will yet to seen.

Winner and NEW World Heavywieght Champion: Chris Jericho

Overall I think it was a solid PPV but if they can keep it rolling will be the real test.


Reactor Smeactor

So I make my first post in a while and the majority of the posts all were asking for a new episode of The Reactor, so me and my Snuggle cakes, Mr Montpelier got together and we did lunch and we agreed to a new episode of the show. It has been recorded just needing the right edits, so the wait is almoost over.


Spore Smores...wait that one works...

So I picked up the new EA/Maxis game from the anti-christ that created the series of games that I despise so much, The Sims. But i wont get started on that. Spore however is a work of pure genius, from the very outset every single one of your actions will have ramifications in every singe one of the proceeding stages of your species evolution. Carnivore, means that you will be more weapons based in later evolutions, Herbivore? means you will be more of a diplomatic species in the late evolutions. it is possible to be an amalgam of the two which means you get a mixture of the two later on, excelling at neither side. The game is split into five stages, Cellular, Creature, Tribal, Civilization and Space ages. the latter one being a near never ending age with apparently over 20000 planets and systems to explore, I have been boldly to.....3.....gravy I may be here for a while. This is one i highly recommend, If you don't get it.....your a homo.


Thats is for this edition, my final thoughts....






OCW Accomplishments

2x OCW European Champion

3x OCW TV Champion

1x OCW Tag Team Champion

Co-Founder of Revolution Inc

Creator of The Reactor Radio Show/Podcast


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