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My arms, your herse


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*Scene opens up in a graveyard with a mother and child walking and looking at the head stones of each grave.*


Child: Mom, how do people die?


*The mother stops and looks at the child with a strange look.*


Mother: Well I figured you would ask that question sooner or later.


*The mother takes the childs hand as the begins to walk again down the row.*


Mother: Well sometimes there are sicknesses and Illness that people get where thier wellbeing, accidents with cars wrecks, then you have troubled souls...


*The child looks up to the mother.*


Child: Troubled souls?


*The child ask with puzzlement upon his face.*


Mother: Yes, some who seem like they must take things into thier own hands and out of Gods.


*The mother and child stop walking infront of a grave with freshly laid dirt.*


Child: Well why???


*The mother sighs & kneels down to her little boy and runs her fingers threw his hair while gazing into his eyes of pure innocence.*


Mother: Sometimes my son.... Sometimes people do wicked things, or act on feelings of dispair.


*The mother turns her head to see a headstone with no name.*


Mother: Like this grave here.


*The child looks at the headstone and walks up to it and places his hand on it.*


Child: This one has no name mommy.


*The mother looks at the her son and goes to grab his hand.*


Mother: Yes son, even though this person may have done something wicked or has been a victim of a devant deed you must not stand on thier graves as a show of respect to the dead.


*Just as the mother pulls at her childs hand a loud bang is heard from the ground and dirt sinks inward.*

*The mother and child both shreek and run away.*

*The camera panning down into the grave which actually was a bit shallow, someone has filled it in a hurry as one would appear it to be.*


*Beneath the remains of dirt in the casket lies Mayhem, still breathing, heart beating, & buried alive.*


*With a face covered in filth from the earth and blood crusted on his fist from battering the lid you could only imagin that this casket where he was thought to have a certant doom has inquited a journey to reach what only one Seth Irving would hope to be his final resting place.*


Mayhem: This can not be the end now.


*such a quote from the likes of a monster as he would to lightly say his last words as the air must be running out.*


Mayhem: God can deny nothing to ones who ask for forgiveness and should he ever, there is always the Devil.


*Mayhem shuttering his eyes and screams only to calm him self into a deslit prayer.*


Mayhem: When light no longer exist to kiss me, I swore to tear Heaven asunder as flights of fallen angels wished me. Oh, how my rampant desire has been ripped from the presence of God.


Mayhem: Now I'm hungered like a beast to regain the knowledge of evil.


*Mayhem briskly crashes his fist into the top of the casket and still nothing, no give just more earth to fill his end .*


Mayhem: Fine. I heed answers not advice now.


*Mayhem ramming his fist into the top of the casket again.*


Mayhem: I conjure you Barron, Satan, Beelzebub by the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, by the Virgin Mary and all the saints to appear in person, so that you may speak to me and fulfill my desires. Come at my bidding and I will grant you whatever you want, however vile and the curtailing of my life.


*From the banquet hall to the stable gates a graveyard shift in tone was about.*

*The dirt sank upon the grave, like a papal weight*


Mayhem: Who hears the tears of this nightfall, death is only a matter of a little pain!!!


Mayhem: Oh my dearest angels, go pray to God for me for this is when I go to Satan!!!!


*Mayhem smashing up a flury of shots to escape the burial of a foresaken soul.*

*Arise again the almost parished Mayhem graced by the darkness of the night. Awaking in a sweat forsaking pleasure that was to be forgotten.*

*Something thicker than despair rides upon the midnight air, the smell of blood, & the taste of prey....*

*Shrouded by dirt stands tall Mayhem standing on the grave that was sought out to be, with his foot on the tombstone.*

*Welcome to the chapters of his rebirth*

*Cameras fade out*

















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