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The Model Signing?

Stacy Clark

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We have recently learned that OCW management have signed free agen talent craig casey to a developmental contract. The exact figures of this contract are unknown at this time, but it is said that the contract allows Mr. Casey to make appearances on OCW television, while awaiting his debut. The signing was frowned upon by some, as many believe young Casey's attitude may not be appropriate for the brand, and could possibly even hurt it's growth. Obviously there were more willing to take the chance with Craig Casey, than there were to openly oppose it, but the it is still a worry that the signing could cause a decent amount of unnecessary tension.


Craig Casey is a former male model, and is making his way into OCW from his hometown of Sydney, Australia. It is believed that Casey has already wrestled in a number of dark matches or the company, and his in ring television could occure anytime within the next one to two months. We will have more updates on this story as they become avaliable.

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