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Damian After The Tables Match

Damian Christ

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The following transpired during a commercial break, just after the cruz/christ match on animosity...

The ending bell rings as the announcer declares damian christ the winner. The ref attemps to raise damian's arm in victory, but damian swats him away, and chases him outside of the ring. Damian then rolls under the ring ropes, and makes his way ringside. He stops and grabs a microphone just next to the commentary booth as the fans begin to boo him, most likely for his choice of tactics upon ending the match just after a dirty nose claw. Damian quickly lifts the microphone up to his mouth as the fans rage on.


Damian Christ: Shut up!


After attempting to silence the crowd, damian continues along his path at ringside. He grabs a near by folding chair, taking a few steps toward the ring, as he tosses the steel chair over the top rope. As the chair crashes on the mat, christ hops back into the ring, and looks down at carlos cruz. Cruz lies in the corner in a state of agony, just after being put through the table. Damian grabs the chair once more, and walks toward carlos cruz. Expecting a cheap attack from christ, the fans continue to boo. Suddenly, just as it is beginning to look even more dim for cruz, damian takes a couple of steps back, opens the chair, and positions it toward the center of the ring, still facing cruz. Then, contrary to what most would have epected just a few seconds prior, damian takes a seat in the chair, and begins to stare down at cruz, just before raising the microphone up to his lips.


Damian Christ: Just...As...I...Said!


As he continues to stare down upon his fallen opponent, damian becomes amused, and displays a maniacal grin on his face. He then slowly gets up out of the chair, drops his microphone to the mat, and exits the ring in a calm surprisingly manor. As damian makes his way up the ramp, we are taken back to the commentary booth.


OOC: yeah, I wasn't aware that we couldn't recap in post match RPs, so I'm posting it here, and saying it happened during a commercial break.




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