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$Money Report$ 8-10-09


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Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome back to the Money Report! Before it was a fad and all the cool kids were doing it, Greatness himself was holding it down back in the day speaking about current events, OCW News, and whatever else came up that I deemed worthy of being in the Money Report. But now I'm here because I started a segment I like to call "OCW Throwback". It's where I highlight some memorable matches that OCW has had over the years regardless of when it happened.


Tonight I have a special treat for you kind folks as I present a blast from the past. We're going all the way back to 2006 tonight family, and we're going to take a look at the Cowardly Mastermind Guy "Frosty" Fausto taking on the then OCW Champion Nate Ortiz in the Riot Main Event. I remember this match as it was one of my personal favorites. I'll always remember when Guy got good. I'll never forget it till the day I leave the earth.


Fausto always use to have his moveset with long grapples. And because of this, those long grapples used to get his ass whooped. Then one day he said "I changed from all long grapples and threw in some quick ones". I swear to you family, after Guy told me this I played him in a DM and I knew OCW was in trouble. From that day on Guy was not playing with anyone and a lot of people got dealt with. I take pride in saying I was the first to play Guy when he made his change for the better. Now Chinlocks are the most devastating move in wrestling history. Who would have thought?


Nate was just Nate. He had the belt, the fame, and the glory. This was Thug Nate at it's best. Slapping his friends and going heel, burning people up and just being a evil mutt. I always marked for the thick glasses and trenchcoat on Nate, but everyone loved him as a face. I took a liking to Thug Nate since I have always been attracted to heel characters. *No Homo* But with all that said... Let's get to the match that was seen and heard from around the world! Ladies and mutts I present...


Guy Fausto vs. Nate Ortiz Riot Main Event 2 out of 3 falls for the OCW World Heavyweight Championship!




Leave your thoughts in the Main thread if you would please.


  • OCW World Heavyweight Champion [3 Times]
  • CCW Champion [1 Time]
  • Future Investment Winner 2006 [inaugural]
  • 2007 OCW Co-Wrestler of the Year [ W/ Nate Ortiz] They just couldn't give it to a black!
  • OCW Hall of Famer | Class 2008



Father of Royce and Theodore J Bentley

Future OCW Champions (It's gonna happen one day whores!)

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