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Dawonder back in hot water

Stacy Clark

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According to Wrestlingnews.com smythe's absence from riot this past week wasn't an emergency or a situational circumstance as some may have come to believe. Smythe Dawonder was supposedly servicing his second one week suspension without pay for an altercation in Vegas a few nights prior.


According to sources Smythe was in a nightclub with his new tag team partner Josiah Cross when a disagreement turned into a verbal than a violent physical altercation. While both parties refuse to comment on the alleged public brawl Smythe received a one week suspension without pay for recurring conduct detrimental to the company.


The result of the altercation is Smythe and Josiah refusing to work together under any circumstances, putting the TGS team on permanant ice.


Smythe is to work into a new gimmick upon his return to Riot next week. He is also NOT to speak about his suspension. Cross is scheduled to conclude his feud with Leonheart next week on Riot. No word on whether a tieing of loose ends on the TGS issue will be addressed or just blown up in smoke but for certain Josiah Cross and Smythe Dawonder as a team is a dead issue!!!

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