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Darin Rebel

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Part 1..


They say that every cloud has a silver lining. That when the sun hits it perfectly it glows brighter than anything seen before. My life made it seem like I was never going to get that silver lining. Everyday the clouds would pass over as the sun had set, but I got nothing. Not a simple flash of hope that one day things would pick back up to the way they had been. Everyday for me had seemed to pass just like the day before. Nothing new had ever come my way. For so long my life had gone like this I was devoured in a state of insomnia. Never really awake, never really sleeping. From top achievement to drowning myself in something I had never lost. I had my ups and my downs. But this time something was different. I never went back up. At least not until I found out something that would change my life once again, or something found me.


Last night I never really went to sleep. Glancing over at the clock every time I thought of it only to see that minutes passed like hours. Looking back on it the night had gone by quick even without sleep. But living it was a whole different story. It was 8am and I figured I'd get up off the couch and go do something productive. Probably eat cereal or something. I found out that the milk had gone bad. The expiration date stated 11/22/09. It was December 30th. Like anyone else would, I decided to smell the milk anyways. You never know, there could have been a mistake. I twisted the cap ever so gently and gave the milk a whiff... Disgusting... It smelt worse than a thousand rotting corpses in a trash dump. I dumped the milk down the drain of the sink and set the carton on the counter. I walked over to my food cupboard and opened it. There was a small bag of Bagels. I reached and grabbed one out. I began to eat the bagel in when the phone rang.

I looked at caller ID and got an unknown name and an unknown number. How useful right? So I let it ring.


I was walking over to my couch when on the third ring of the phone a voice arose in the air, "You going to let that ring?" I turned suddenly. A man was leaning up against the door of my condo right behind my couch. He had blonde tipped hair, was tall, muscular, strong chinned and big. I had never noticed him standing there. "Who are you!? Why are you in my condo!? How did you get in here!?" I demanded. "I'm Brandon. I've been here for a while" he calmly stated. I was infuriated of this random man in my condo. I slowly backed up to a gun case I had above my entertainment system. I grabbed the gun and pointed the barrel at him. He immediately shot his hands up. I slowly began walking over to him with caution in every step. As I approached him he seemed to had given up. I continued to approach him when suddenly he grabbed the gun with his left hand and punched me with the right. I fell to the floor holding my chin. He stood over me and looked down, "Bet you haven't felt that in a while. Get up you big pussy! We need to talk." He bent over and pulled me up by my shirt and pushed me onto the couch.


"Who the hell are you!?" I slightly screamed. "You're freaking me out! I haven't gotten any sleep in the last 4 days and now this. Would you please lea-," I was cut off by a resounding "No! ... Look my name is Brandon and I'm here to help you. When was it the last time you won a match?" He politely stated. "Ahhh.. Shit... I don't know. Maybe a year? I have no recollection. I have Insomnia. I spend most of my nights awake counting the time 'til morning. Why do you want to help me? I'm done with wrestling. No chance for me now."

"You are a pussy! That's bullshit!" He angrily replied.

"Look, I don't know who you are, what you want, or why you think you can help me. I said I'm done!"

"I can't believe you. After all you've been through its easy to give up like that? After one little mis-hap?" He pleaded.

"I don't want to wrestle A-N-Y-M-O-R-E! Anymore!" I sighed

He leaned over and the next think I knew I woke up with a black and blue bruise under my eye. He'd hit me so hard I was out cold for ten minutes. I hadn't been hit that hard for a long time. But it definitely triggered something inside me.


"You alright? Am I gonna have to do that again or you gonna listen to me now?" He seemed a little happy for some reason. Like he felt good for blind-siding me. "Yeah. Sure. Whatever." I said. He reached up with his hand in a fist again. I immediately sprung back and shouted, "No! No! I'll do whatever you want!" He put his hand down again. "Alright! Finally! Shit!... Hey you have eggs?"

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