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Post Riot

Iceberg LeTuce

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*The scene opens in the OCW hospital wing where a doctor is tending to Le’Tuce's head wound. He wraps a bandage around his waist and leaves him with Eva at his side.*


Eva: “What the hell happened? First I hear you lose to Valmont then the next thing I know some jerk is kicking your ass in the ring. Who the hell was it?


Le’Tuce: Bitch….that was some jobber called Pugh. I dont even know who the hell he is but I swear im going to kill the mother fu..”


*Le’Tuce is cut off by Eva*


Eva: Language! There is a camera in here you know.


Le’Tuce: People will start thinking you are my mother, not my bitch. I have to get out of here and prepare for my match next week. Get me my cell phone. I have a call to make.”


Eva: Who ya gonna call?


Le’Tuce: That isn’t even funny….bitch.


*The scene fades with Eva going through Le’Tuces’ jacket pocket*

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