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Jookie Marley

James Knight

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The camera man walks slowly down a corridor, you can hear some smashing and shouting and as he gets closer you start to hear what is being said.


"Jookie, Wookie Lookie he thinks he can release some interview and make his name before mine? Who the hell needs a convict on television? ooooooo My cousin died, I was soo sad, well screw him, lets see how he likes this!!!"


More smashing is heard, and as the camera man tries to open the door it is slammed shut in his face.


"You know who is a hero of mine? You know who really defines wrestling? Jacob Trance, now thats a wrestler!!!!!" Rather confusingly it seems to be Jason Knight that is behind the door shouting.


"I need my pills!" The camera focus's on the door until it fades to black.

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the camera man is in the parking lot and then he zooms in on a all black car pull up. The windows are tinted so the camera man cant see who's in the car. The car door opens and a man comes out wearing all black. It looks like the new ocw wrestler Jookie Marley.


Jim Black rushes to the back to talk to Jookie


Jim Black: "Welcome to OCW Jookie. I Am Jim Black."


Jookie: "Thanks I am happy to be here Jim."


Jim Black: "Its your first night here but it looks like you already have a enemy."


Jookie: "What wait wait wait what are you talking about?"


Jim Black: "Earlier today there was a wrestler by the name of James Knight ranting about how you stole his shine and how t.v. doesn't need anymore convicts. He even mentioned your cousin that passed."


Jookie: "Whoa! What did he say about my cousin?"


Jim Black: "He said screw your cousin."


The camera man zooms in on Jookie


Jookie: You know what I'm not going to let what James Dike said put me back in jail. Jim you know what tell him that I'm looking for him, and tell him when I find him I'm going to give him the shine that he wants.


Jookie walks into the arena





3x EX Division Champion

1x Hardcore Champion

1x Light Heavyweight Champion

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