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Ending bonds

Big Daddy

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**camera man is showing the clips of Philadelphia. The liberty bell, Downtown Philadelphia. then it shows a man in a black coat standing outside of what use to be known as the ECW arena. The man in black kicks in the door and enters the building and the cameraman follows. Once the cameraman catch ups with the man in black he see him standing in a Old beaten down wrestling ring. and there is also a old man there***


Man in black: The time has come. I'm going back to OCW

*the old man takes out a shirt that reads New Bloodz*


Old man: So you going to need this?


Man in black: What did i tell you before. That time of done. I'm not going back in that ring to make friends. Not there to seek revenge. I'm there to become a Champion.


Old Man: what did vic vimes tell you boy? you don't have what it takes to become a champion. I know you your only there to get back to everyone you think turned there back on you. You do that you will be just like that Danny Williams guy.


Man in Black: What ever think what you want

*old man throws the shirt and the man*


Old man shouts: Take it


*Man in black takes the shirt and spits on it and throws it back at the old men. and just as it hits him The man in black grabs him by the neck and hits him with a Go Home Driver.


Then the Man in black pulls out a cell phone and call 911 for help for the old man**

Pimpin' Aint easy, But beatin u is
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