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Post Riot, Pugh Incident

Davide Daniels

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*The scene opens at the back door to the Riot stadium. An ambulance is parked with its back doors open in wait. Pugh is carried out the back door on a streacher.*

Ambulance Crew 1: Jesus that was some knock to the head. He hasn't stopped mumbling since we got him out of the ring.


Ambulance Crew 2: What was it he said earlier? Somthing about John 9:15?


Ambulance Crew 1: Dunno. Never heard of that before. Ill grab a bandage and we can put him in the back.


*The crew member jumps into the back of the ambulance leaving the second crew member with pugh. A strange figure comes out of the door with a large jacket on. He has a hood up covering his face.*


Ambulance Crew 2: Sorry, can i help you?


????: I would like to accompany Paul to the hospital and make sure he gets......better.


Ambulance Crew 2: You a friend or a family member?


????: I am his second chance.


Ambulance Crew: Uhh sure, just let us get him into the ambulance and we can get to the hospital.


*The stranger puts a crucifix on Pugh's chest and bows his head in prayer as the scene fades.*

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