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A Press Conference


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(It's Sunday afternoon 3/7/2010)

*A crowd of fans, interviewers from news stations and magazines fill the middle sized room as they await arrival from MMA-famed OCF superstar "Gavner Purl"*




*As the crowd grow's restless, Gavner's manager (pictured above, looking nervous wondering where his Italian gold mine is.) settles the crowd with a quick statement*


Manager: "Hello, Gavner Purl will be out in a moment, thank you for your patience."


*Gavner then walks in from the door left of the table wearing a strange black looking T-Shirt that is only strange because of the small amount of duct tape covering the center, as he sit's down the questions are started imediatlly*

"Mr. Purl! Where have you been?!"


"Mr. Purl, any idea's on where you are going to go next?? Pride? The UFC?!"


"Mr. Purl!! How is your personal life going?! Have you found someone to settle down with?!"


Gavner Purl: "Alright, alright quiet down please, all questions will be answered just be patient."


*He says smiling kindly to the assortment of interviewers, fans, and cameras.*

*The entire room quiets to a whisper, as Gavner starts answering questions.*


Gavner Purl: "First off, I've been alright thanks for asking

*He laughs knowing that they asked where and not how has he been*


Gavner Purl: But in all honestly, I have just been on a vacation considering my career path. And, to answer another question yes, I have a girlfriend and we are doing just fine thank you for asking."


Gavner Purl: Thank you for taking the time to be here with me today, as I leave this conference remember book signings will be held next weekend Sunday of March 14th.


"But wait! You never answered my question!! (The same interviewer as our second question) Where are you going next? Will it be The UFC or Pride?"


Gavner Purl: "Oh yes, that question.. Well, all I can tell you is that i've put in an application to one place, and one place only."

"And where is that, Mr. Purl?"


*Gavner Purl then looks down at the duct tape on his shirt, nods his head and laughs decidingly. He then reach's a hand down to the duct tape and rips it off, it reveals this logo.



Gavner then poses for a few pictures before leaving the crowd in shock and awe to discuss this event among themselves.*

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