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Match Finally Added to Wrestlution 5

Stacy Clark

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Commissioner Fausto released a statement to OCWFED.net after Riot last night, officially adding Guy Fausto vs. Leonheart to the highly anticipated card. "It's not like this is a huge shocker or anything. I mean, I was planning to add the match all along. I just wanted to make Leonheart throw and squirm, fearing he wouldn't be on the biggest show of the year. It's funny watching him panic."


The two have been having a long rivalry, butting heads over control over OCW ever since Leonheart attempted to ban and erase the existence of Guy Fausto since Leonheart stole Fausto's OCW Championship match against then Champion Vincent Valmont back in September. "Been quite the long road," added the Commissioner, "but being cut out from that match made me realize Leonheart was the one responsible for OCW's decline, all driven by ego."


For weeks, the mere mention of Guy Fausto's name was a bannable offense, with veteran commentators Charles Scaggs and Al Poling being fired for mentioning Fausto during one of his unsanctioned appearances on OCW Television. Leonheart took his power trip to the next level, until Jaysin Sensation stepped in and stripped him of his ill gotten title. "Me and Sensation are working together on this one, regardless of what Leon would have you believe. "


Sensation's stand against Leonheart's dirty work was ended when an automobile accident seemed to take Sensation off the scene, with Leonheart and his nearest squeeze, Riot General Manager Alex Robinson, daughter of OCW President Regan, writing off the longtime leader and CEO as deceased. Leonheart then tried to crown himself as OCW Champion, only to be stopped by the sudden appearance of Chris Ryder, losing the bout in a match that at the time didn't seem sanctioned.


Leonheart then attempted to strip Ryder of the title, only for the sudden announcement of the appointment of a Commissioner, a previously unused job title, in the form of Guy Fausto. "I actually had the job since the limosine accident that Jay had. Watching Leon panic trying to figure out who was undermining him was amusing."


The appointment of a Commissioner made Leonheart and Robinson go into panic mode, as a power struggle for control of OCW erupted. Leon quickly sought allies, luring The Air, and convincing Mayhem that working with him would be the best way to ensure that Mayhem could gain and hold onto the OCW Championship.


At Road 2 Glory however, the landscape changed. Leonheart gained the services of North American Champion Smythe DaWonder, but lost both Regan and his girlfriend Alexander Robinson, leaving Leonheart administratively powerless against the Commissioner. But there was one thing Fausto was lacking in political power against Leonheart - allies.


Fausto stood alone against the combined forces of Leonheart, Mayhem, The Air, and Smythe, using only his savvy to not be destroyed. Fausto also publicly fired Leonheart, although that does not seem to have any effect on Leon's determination to topple Fausto and reclaim the power he knew for so long. "He's still working for free. He's a volunteer every time he appears in the ring. It's funny, since he's usually entitled to a few thousand dollars for his matches. He's going to lose tens of thousands at Wreslution since he's not on the payroll. But lack of compensation isn't seeming to derail him, I'll give him that much."


The lack of back up seemed to boil rumors of a Theatre of Pain reunion, fuelled entirely by Fausto and his actions, despite Fausto being the only active member of the legendary faction still in OCW. With only the appearance of a uncharacteristically chop-happy, out of shape, tatoo-free Mad Michael Morrison as evidence to the contrary, it soon became known that Fausto's threats were nothing more as such.


But weeks of diplomacy seemed to pay off in the past weeks Riot, as others in OCW began to see the threat in Leonheart and his associates running OCW. Chris Mania, primarily concerned with North American Champion Smythe DaWonder, and Trevor McManus, focused on OCW Champion Mayhem. The two stood side by side with Fausto forming an alliance of necessity against Leonheart, Mayhem, Smythe, and Air. It just may be the brewings of a legendary conflict.


"We'll see how the die roll out," Commissioner Fausto added in closing. "I'm a veteran of such nonsense, and I highly doubt we're going to settle this over tea and crumpets."


"Although, with some of the things that have happened to me in the past, tea and crumpets sound like a really good alternative solution."

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