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When the Devil speaks, he listens.


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*Cameras open up in outer heaven.*


*Darkness emposes it's self as soon as you become shadowed.*


*Candles are lined around the bar.*


*The OCW Champion Mayhem. Ploys something wicked, damned and willing.*


*Mayhem reaching on the bar grabbing a salt shaker, stares upon it & smashes it onto the bar.*


*Blood flows from his hand, salt fills the wound and still not one groan of pain.*


*Mayhem clinches his fist and allows the blood to drip into a pentagram on the pile of salt.*


Mayhem: Slayer of hope, succubus of pain, harbinger of war. Hear me as I call for the spirits of the vile perversions and abominations.


Your abandonment and aborted lives will strive within me.


*Mayhem shaking out the rest of the blood from the bursts of glass in his hand.*


Mayhem: For I am your monster, your messenger and bringer of pain.


The day of Lution will mark history for us all.


The light will not shine, and the sky will suffocate eclisped by the darkness of hatred.


Valmont and McManus, have yet to learn the true blessings of my rechidness.


Failure will be amongst them which Trevor has already felt the reality of.


I have seeked the truth, the truth still shrouded.


Only you have been at my side.


Through this and alast the veracity will come forward.


I have not forgotten the treacherous acts against me, and they will not be forgiven until their rapaciousness is warranted.


I am the Hammer that drives the nails, for all the wicked, my blood for you.


*The candles blowing out, the pile of salt turned into a fire of black flame where goodness can not reach.*


*Mayhem taking a moment to stare at what was left, left behind as a message now that will burden him heading into WrestlLution.*


*Showing the initials J.C.S as screens fade out to black.*

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