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My Final Words (Reader Discretion Advised)

Brandon Hostile

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*Inside a typical 'run of the mill' gym, a few punching bags lay on the mats and a couple hanging. Benches and free weights in the background behind the lifted bags. A loud snap jolts the bag and begins to sway side to side. The camera zooms out quickly and refocuses. Brandon Hostile practicing his high round house kicks. Hands and feet taped heavily just a precaution before his Wrestlution debut at Wrestlution V on May 2nd 2010. He quickly sets himself and catches his breath.*


In three days I will participate in OCW's biggest event of the year Wrestlution. My debut to sum it all up. I'm set to fight Evan Knox. Somewhat fresh off the disabled list. A man, who dressed as another, came in MY match and stole a pin-fall from me. Infuriated with such arrogance I attacked the man. To my lack of scouting I had failed. It only took me a week to figure him out. I kicked his ass the next aired Riot.


A few weeks ago, I had a little video 'interview' if you please. I'm still sick of not getting the opportunities I deserve. I should be the next Ex Champion and EVERYONE knows it! Except the people that have the ball in hand: our so called 'management'. So on May 2nd I will walk down to the ring, and watch Knox tuck his tail between his legs as I kick his head in for the 1.. 2.. 3.


My final words: OCW, I am not joking anymore. I dont care who you are, what you've done. Evan Knox, pull up your skirt bitch, come and get your ass whooped. I am Brandon Hostile, and I will act as my name says.


*Hostile pushes the camera aside and it goes to static.*

You don't mean anything. You're insignificant and you will never know what hate is.
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