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Wrestlution V: An In-depth Look

Stacy Clark

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With Wrestlution V just days there are some great match ups and rivalries that have captivated the wrestling audience over the past month and a half. One match up we spotlight tonight is Nathan Gaines v. Wonderful Wesley. Now let's get to how this match up happened.


At Road 2 Glory back in February EX Division Champion Jacob Trance held a Battle Royal among the EX Division Wrestlers with the winner facing him later that night. It was in this match that the bad blood between Wesley and Gaines first started to brew. "I knew that Gaines tried to take the easy way out. He probably paid someone off gettin' that last spot in the match. If we met up I know I woulda eliminated him". Despite Wesley's claim these two wrestlers were not in the ring at the same time as Wesley was eliminated early and Gaines went on to eliminate Hazard and Hostile to secure his first shot at the EX Division Championship. Despite a closely contested match up Gaines lost to Trance that night and in turn became fixated on getting another one on one match up with Trance for the title.


During this time Wesley began to fade to the background of the division he once owned. With the deterioration of the Bloodline, Wesley had to regroup and refocus. After "persuading" acting Commissioner Guy Fausto to place him in a Triple Threat match for the EX Division on Riot, Wesley once again thrust himself back into the EX Division Title Picture much to the chagrin of Nathan Gaines.


In a match type that revolutionized and helped build the EX Division, Jacob Trance, Nathan Gaines and Wonderful Wesley, put on a great match that falls behind the ranks of the classic EX Matches of Tyler Ewanchuk, FixXxer, and AJ Phoenix. In a contest that looked as though each man had the upper hand, Trance managed to escape with his title, but both Gaines and Wesley left the match feeling as though the other had cost them a shot at the title. After weeks of words being exchanged as to why each of them deserved another shot individually at Trance, Gaines finally issued the gaunlet two weeks ago on Riot challenging Wesley to a match on the greatest stage of all Wrestlution V. Wesley turned things violent and escalated this fued by attacking Gaines and leaving him in a pool of his own blood before disrespecting the 5 year veteran by spitting on him. A match that was once about proving who the better man is, has now become a match up fueled on bad blood and retribution.


"In this business I've come across many people that I haven't liked but I've always respected my opponent. I've come across rivals like Malu Polamalu, Recon, Matt Wilson and Steve Jones, all men that at one point or another brought me to the brink of defeat but through it all I always had respect for their competitiive drive. Wesley is a disgrace, and this Sunday I not only secure my chance to wrestle for the EX Title, but I also get Wesley back for two weeks ago. This is about proving to him that he's nothing more than punk who can't get what he wants the right way"


As for Wesley's take on this Sunday's match up?


"Gaines can quit his bitching, because two weeks ago he learned that you don't get in the way of a Wonder and Gold. It's time the King of Bling Bling gets back his title, and Gaines is just the first step in my rise back to the top. You wanna make money playa? Bet on Wesley"


As you see both men seem focused and intent on coming out of Wrestlution as champion. Tune in to OCWFED.NET this Sunday at 9pm EST/8pm CT to catch all of the OCW Superstars on the biggest show of the year.

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