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What to do at the Pay-Per-View?

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The scene opens at a nice sized house in Key West, just south of the location of this Sunday's Damnation in Miami, Florida. The camera goes in the door to find Dane Xavier sitting in a chair, watering and trimming the dead leaves off of his Cyprus tree. Xavier looks up and sees the camera.


Xavier: Oh, hello there OCW, and welcome to my humble abode! You like it? I find it quite cozy and refreshing. I decided since I was in Florida this week that I'd use some of my hefty contract to pay for a nice little place here in the Keys.


Xavier: I also wanted to use my time to try and decide what I wanted to do this Sunday at the Damnation Pay-Per-View, and I'm having a hard time deciding. I was thinking maybe I'll jump in the ring and do some karaoke... Nah, that's too cheesy... perhaps I'll fight some local Miami jobber... Nah, it's a Pay-Per-View, there can't be too many jobbers stinking up the place... What if I play spin the bottle with Casey Payne and Gary A. Young... No, I don't think anyone wants to see that.


Dane places his watering pale and trimmers on the floor next to his Cyprus tree.

Xavier: Man, I just can't decide what I should do at Damnation! I'm not in action, but I have to make an impact in some capacity.


Dane taps his chin for a brief moment, then looks as if a light bulb has gone off in his head.


Xavier: I've got it! I'll host a talk show and call it... uh... what's something that I've said recently that would make for a clever talk show name... Ah-ha! Real Talk with Dane Xavier! That's simply brilliant! I mean I love to talk and annoy the living piss out of people, so that's the perfect idea! *sigh* I love me!


As Dane goes back to trimming and watering his Cyprus tree, the camera backs out of his house and the scene fades as the door shuts.




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