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A Tour Of D-Jack's House

David Jackson

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*The camera fades in and we see David Jackson standing outside a 4 story red house (basement included). It is a bright, sunny day in Hoover, Alabama. He is in his street clothes with his war paint on and sunglasses. He is looking at his watch and you can see him mouth "Where is he?" Carlos the cameraman motions to D-Jack and he realizes the camera is rolling. He has a worried look on his face as his dialog commences.*


Jackson: Hello to all who is watching and welcome to my humble home. Sorry for not having a good introduction to start this video, but I was suppose to be joined by Jim Black today. We had a deal between us: I arrive in OCW headquarters to do a spontaneous interview and he comes down to Alabama to conduct a video tour of my house. He was suppose to be here 30 minutes ago, but he is not here yet...ah, here he is...(Carlos turns 180 degrees and a silver 2006 Honda Civic pulls up in the drive way. Jim Black gets out as soon as the car's engine stops) Jim, your late. How did you not find this house? It's a little hard to miss.


Black: (Apologetic) Sorry D-Jack, but traffic was bad on the way here. I have never been on 280 before and I never want to again, it's just as bad as NYC traffic.


Jackson: (Sighs) I told you to not go on 280 to get here. I gave you alternate directions than what your GPS said. Those direction were designed to make you miss the 280 morning rush hour. Anyway, let's not worry about that right now, we got a video to shoot.


Black: Quite right David, let's get to it. Where shall we get started?


Jackson: The car garage sounds like a good idea. Walk this way with me gentlemen. (They walk up the remainder of the driveway to a 6 door garage that is independent of the rest of the house. We see a code box on the wall next to all six doors) Now, let me enter the master code and open all six doors at once.


Black: Before you do this Jackson, a few questions are already on the tip of my tongue. First off, what is your driveway made of? (Carlos gets a good shot of the driveway) I don't think I have ever seen any driveway made of rock before.


Jackson: (Smiles) They aren't just any rocks there Jim. They are cobblestones.


Black: (Confused) What possessed you to make your driveway out of cobblestones?


Jackson: I got the inspiration out of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes novels. I have read them since I was in middle school and I remember may references to cobblestone roads. I thought they would be cool to have and I was right because no one else that I can think of has a cobblestone driveway.


Black: Nor anyone else that I can think of D-Jack. Why do you have six keypads on your garage door walls? Wouldn't just one be easier?


Jackson: I have six keypads set up for convenience for myself, my family, friends, and relatives who watch over my house while I am out of town. Now, let's get these doors open...(turns to Carlos and Jim)...turn away for 5 seconds please, I would like to keep my code a secret. (Both turn away for 5 seconds) Ok, the garage doors are now open...(Carlos get the entire six doors in the shot and we see 5 heavily modified cars and 1 mini-van)...what do you think Jim?


Black: (Shocked) I...I...wow. All this time I have known you, you have never told me that you like to collect cars. However, I do recognize the mini-van. It was blue the last time I saw it, did you get a paint job?


Jackson: (Shakes his head) No, the van you saw last was a 1994 Dodge Caravan. It got totaled not too long ago and it didn't' dodge the accident very well, I had to buy a replacement. The new mode of transportation is this 2010 Chrysler Town and Country mini-van. You can't see it now, but the custom paint job has earned it the nickname "The Video Game Van."


Black: How did it earn that nickname?


Jackson: If you let me pull the car out, I will show you...(David gets in the car, starts the engine, and pulls it out. In the sunlight, you can clearly see all things video game related are painted all over that van. D-Jack stops the engine, gets out of the car, and grins)...so, what do you think there Jimbo?


Black: (Cannot believe his eyes) If this is the tip of the iceberg of what you own, I will faint by the end of the day. The Sony logo and tons of characters from the Playstation universe on the left side, the Nintendo logo and many familiar characters from the Nintendo universe on the right side, the Microsoft Logo and characters from the Xbox universe on front, and the Sega logo and characters from the Sega universe on back. What possessed you to do this?


Jackson: I've always wanted to do this to a car I owned ever since I came up with the idea in the 8th grade. Now, that is one more dream I can cross off the list.


Black: Too many people grow distant from their childhood dreams and fantasies as they grow older. You seem to not only remember your dreams, but you are living them. Now...(chuckles slightly)...what can you tell me about these 5 other impressive looking cars?


Jackson: (Carlos is giving a whole view one at a time) They are all green as you can see because green is my favorite color. The main reason it is my favorite is that I was a huge green ranger fan back when the power rangers were just getting the ball rolling. All of them have a different Hemi under the hood for various performance, all have updated fuel injectors, the tires have a special gel on the inside that allows the tires to stay inflated for 50 miles if there has been a puncture, a chip in the motors to make them go faster, some nice spinners, and different decals on each. There is more that I have had done to these cars, but I am not gifted when it comes to car talk. What you have just heard is the extent of my car lingo.


Black: (Looks in the back of the garage) I see you have a couple of tool boxes back there D-Jack.


Jackson: Yes I do. Every single tool I need to fix any problem my cars have is right there in the back, parts are another story. I have a few spares, but I have only have so much room (David, Jim, and Carlos walk out of the garage. D-Jack hits a button on the keypad and the garage doors closes behind them).


Black: Now that we have covered your garage, in what room shall we start in your house?


Jackson: How about the kitchen seeing as how it is breakfast time? I'll be making it myself and I already have items thawing.


Black: Very well Jackson, we'll eat breakfast and continue the tour after we've all had a good meal. (Turns to the camera) Stayed tuned later today for a continuation of the tour.


*The camera fades out*

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