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A Tour Of D-Jack's House Pt 2

David Jackson

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*The camera fades in and we see David Jackson and Jim Black finishing up their breakfast. Carlos the cameraman, as you can guess, is already done and filming. Jim and D-Jack are chatting away as the last few bites are eaten.*


Black: This was fantastic D-Jack, what a list of delicious items you made: scrambled eggs with cheese, grits, sawmill gravy, sausage, bacon, country ham, fried apples, hash brown casserole, omelets, turkey, homemade biscuits and jelly. What really surprised me was chicken fried chicken and country fried steak. I have never seen those on the breakfast menu at my house.


Jackson: This was the exact same menu my grandmother made me everytime I went up to see her at breakfast time. She taught me how to make all this, the best temperature for each dish, mix in the herbs and spices, and all that good stuff.


Black: This has been bugging me since we've been eating. If you don't know that much about cars, then how did you get that level of customization done to them?


Jackson: My brother is fascinated and obsessed with cars. He knows just as much about cars as a professional mechanic, if not more. Anyway, let's get to this video. What do you think about my kitchen?


Black: It's alot bigger than what I expected from a bachelor's pad. A chef's collection of knives, a little island in the middle with your stove and oven, a huge pantry with lots of various items from cereal to spices, and two refrigerators. What's with that?


Jackson: Actually, one entire unit is a refrigerator and one is a freezer. I used to overcook alot of stuff when I had company come over and I needed a place to put it. One half refrigerator and one half freezer used to cut it, but I kept on running out of room. So, I got two.


Black: I know you have a workout room in the house, let's take a look. (David, Jim, and Carlos walk into the in-home gym) Now this is a big exercise room. A treadmill, a exercise bike, a flat screen TV on the wall to keep you occupied, a exercise trampoline, a stationary bowflex, a pull up/push up bar, and some (surprised) martial arts training equipment? You practice a certain form of martial arts D-Jack?


Jackson: I don't proclaim to have any formal training of martial arts, but I use it to improve my punches and kicks. That standing dummy in the corner has been drop kicked to the floor many times.


Black: (Gets a closer look) Is that lipstick on the dummy's lips?


Jackson: I have a very sick sense of humor. There have been a few ex-girlfriends I've wanted to beat the crap out of and he is a good substitute. The lipstick is Plum Passion by the way.


Black: (Shakes his head) Let's go into the den. Come on Carlos (All 3 men walk into the den) now, this is a nice looking den. A big screen TV, a home theater system, speakers all over the room for a 3D effect, a few big couches that all recline, a love seat, and a bean bag chair. What are your favorite programs to watch on TV?


Jackson: (Thinks for a second) Deadliest Warrior on Spike, Raw, Royal Pain, Blue Collar, and Burn Notice on USA, Smackdown on MyNetwork TV, and that's all I can think of right now.


Black: Let's head out to the main hallway of your house (All 3 men walk into the next room and stand in front of the front door). I noticed this as we were leaving your kitchen, but you actually have a elevator in your house. Why did you have this installed?


Jackson: (Smiles slightly) Everyone has had items that they have difficulty bringing upstairs when they move in. I have some items that no one can carry upstairs and we'll get to those later.


Black: Very well then D-Jack. Let's head into the dining room and don't dawdle Carlos. (All 3 men walk into the dining room) A fine china cabinet, a table that can seat 10, 2 see-through cabinets full of collectibles, a chandelier and a writer's desk in the corner. What collectibles do you have in those cabinets?


Jackson: They vary from Disney World to Dollywood to shot glasses from every city I have ever wrestled in to random items I found on ebay.


Black: What about this next room? (All 3 men walk into the next room) There is no furniture, no TV, just spare ceiling fans and other household appliances. It look like it is just one big closet.


Jackson: For the time being, it is one big closet. I can't think of anything to put in this room that I don't already have located around the house. So, I just have spare odds and ends in here. Other than the closets and other storage space, I think that is it for the 2nd floor. Next one on the list is the 3rd floor. (All 3 men walk up the polished wooden staircase) We won't be spending much time on the 3rd floor.


Black: Why is that D-Jack?


Jackson: There are 8 rooms on the 3rd floor and they all are the same (All 3 men walk into the 1st door on the left).


Black: (Examines the room) A king size bed, a couple of pillows, a hope chest, a walk-in closet, a 32' tv, a DVD player, and a coat rack. If all 8 rooms are exactly the same, it's like you are running a mini-hotel D-Jack.


Jackson: That is one way to look at it. No matter what wrestling organization I am with, I usually end up traveling with a group of people to cut down on gas costs. Whenever our travels take us through Alabama, if we can spare the time, we stop here and rest. Much cheaper than buying a hotel. Now, if you two excuse me, it is time for a mid-morning nap.


Black: But, what about the rest of the video?


Jackson: We will finish it before the sun sets and you and Carlos will make your plane. I promise that the 4th floor and the basement will be well worth the wait.


*Jim Black and Carlos head back downstairs to relax as D-Jack walks up the stairs to the 4th floor and the camera fades out.*

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