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Climbing the Ladder

Stacy Clark

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A lot can be said about a person just by looking at his or her's appearance, this couldn't be any more true for The Administrators; Charles Morgan and Richard Clarke.


Brought into OCW on the night of Wrestlution V by OCW Management, to help ease the financial difficulties the company has been under in the past year. Dubbed the "Professors of Professionalism", the financial duo got right to work on cutting up what they saw as dead weight in Online Championship Wrestling, firing staff members left and right, going as far as to forcing them to fight for their contracts, in order to stay with the company.


But these kind of actions didn't go unnoticed, and eventually The Administrators got the attention of a returning Carlos Cruz. Who saw their decision making as nothing more than a power trip. Calling out The Administrators, Carlos faced off against both men in the space of two weeks.


Then came Damnation, brought on after The Administrators forced the crazy Mexican into a Handicap match with his contract on the line. With Charles and Richard getting the win, we thought it was all over for Carlos Cruz.


However, it was announced that The Administrators had written up a new contract for Cruz, giving him a second opportunity to get back in the ring. With no other option at hand, Carlos reluctantly signed the contract, attacking Richard Clarke not long after, though this new contract sadly put him under The Administrators control, or so we thought.


The next week on Riot, Morgan and Clarke introduced who we all thought was the "new" Carlos Cruz, suit and tie don't fit this Mexican however, and Carlos made his feelings known, taken out Richard and Charles, before throwing off his jacket and ripping his tie off of his neck. Soon after, Carlos made a huge challenge to the Administrators.


Carlos Cruz Vs. Charles Morgan & Richard Clarke in a contract Ladder match, sound good? Well it seems to be that way with The Administrators, who had an OCW official give this statement only a few hours ago:


Following what was an uncalled for assault on Charles and Richard, Carlos Cruz made an official challenge on Riot this week, to take place at the next OCW Pay Per View; to The Administrators. Charles Morgan and Richard Clarke would like to go on-record right now and state that they accept this challenge, and hope Carlos doesn't regret the decision he's made, The Administrators have nothing more to say on this matter, at this time.


Following the statement, the OCW official was asked a quick question regarding Charles Morgan's tactics in the ring in the past few weeks, this is what the official had to say:


Charles Morgan denies any wrong-doing on his part, and feels he's being targetted by the locker room, simply because of his position in the company. However, to prove his good nature to the fans and Wrestlers, this week, Charles Morgan will be at ringside with Richard Clarke, as he faces off against Nathan Gaines, it is here that he promises he will NOT get involved in any shape or form during the match-up. Charles has nothing more to say on the matter, at this time, thank you.


With all this history already built up, one can only expect great things to come out of this Ladder match, but what will we see this week on Riot? Only time will tell.

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