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A Tour Of D-Jack's House Pt 3

David Jackson

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*The camera fades in and we see Jim Black sitting on the couch in D-Jack's living room. Carlos is sitting right next to him at eye level with the camera rolling. They are both watching Star Trek: The Next Generation on the big screen.*


Black: (Looks at his watch) David has been asleep for the past 4 hours, he must've really been tired. I hope he didn't mind us raiding his fridge for lunch. Our plane leaves in 4 hours, I hope he wakes up soon.


Jackson: (Stretches) I am awake now Jim. (Yawns) Sorry to keep you waiting, my naps usually never last that long. Also, to answer your statement, no, I don't mind you raiding my fridge. I usually try to clean it out before I go on the road again, so thank you for helping me. Now, I promised that the 4th floor and the basement would be worth it, now I will show you why. Let's all head to the elevator. It will be much faster than the stairs.


*Jim and Carlos stand up from the couch and turned off the TV. They follow D-Jack to the elevator. Jim pushes the elevator button, the elevator door open, and all 3 men step inside the elevator. D-Jack pushes the 4th floor button and the elevator starts a vertical climb


Black: Before we get to the 4th floor, how big is this elevator?


Jackson: (Thinks for a second) Six feet wide by 8 feet long (The elevator doors open as Jackson finishes his sentences).


Black: The master bedroom is on the 4th floor so let's start there (All 3 men enter the room and Jim examines it). Every wall is covered with Marvel and DC superheroes, two king beds pushed together, a 40" TV, DVD player, the new Xbox 360, a Playstation 3, a Wii, numerous games for each system, all appear to have a T1 line connected to them. A desktop computer, a 27" screen, a walk-in closet, an entire wall for your shoes, a alienware laptop charging in the wall, and a collection of DVD's.


Jackson: This room keeps me comfortable, entertained, and connected with the rest of the world. It's my favorite room to be in, outside of the 2nd room on this floor and the basement. Now, before we get to the basement, let's get to the 2nd and last room of this floor.


*All 3 men exit D-Jack's bedroom and cross the hallway to the next room*


Black: (Impressed) This has got to be my favorite room so far. It is just one huge arcade room with a snack bar in the back. So many arcade cabinets from the 80's, 90's, and what's with the lone long table in the back?


Jackson: It's a place where I can sort documents, write down rough drafts, sort new and owned baseball cards, and it's a place I can store boxes for the snack bar.


Black: Rough drafts? Are you writing a novel D-Jack?


Jackson: I am working on a few items, but I don't want to reveal my outside projects just yet. That is all of the 4th floor, now, let us head back to the elevator and to the basement.


*All 3 men head out of the room and back to the elevator. D-Jack presses the button and the elevator door opens. Carlos, Jim, and David step into the elevator and Jim presses the 1 button. The elevator starts a vertical descent.*


Black: What does the basement has that is so special D-Jack?


Jackson: When the doors open, you'll find out and my basement is called my vault. Oh, by the way, what you'll see is half of the basement when the doors open.


*The doors open and Jim is paralyzed to the spot. He cannot believe what he is seeing.*


Black: David...this is incredible. I have never seen such a huge wrestling vault. You're going to have to take over for a minute because I am still shocked.


Jackson: Gladly, as you can see, there are several trophy cases filled with different wrestling belts that I have won throughout my career. In total, there are 43 belts in these cases from 9 different wrestling organizations.


Black: 43 belts...how long have you been wrestling professionally?


Jackson: Since the day of my 19th birthday and I am 24 right now.


Black: You have captured more belts in such a short amount of time than many veterans's career who wrestled 20-30 years. However, every OCW title has eluded your capture. What do you plan to do when you get your 1st title shot since returning to OCW?


Jackson: I'm not sure about strategy, but I know what I am going to wear. Step over here for a minute and I'll show you. (All 3 men walk over to the corner of the room) Say hello to my Mick Foley shrine.


Black: You have a Mick Foley shrine?!? What all do we have here? numerous autographed photos, looks like every single dvd involving mick Foley, some wrestling memorabilia, and a complete Cactus Jack attire.


Jackson: That outfit right there is what I am going to wear to my 1st title match. To wear that outfit and to fight for a OCW title will seriously make me happy before the match.


Black: There seems to be more: Old banners from your past federations, posters advertising the matches to take place that night, videos that seem to be labeled with ppv matches you have been apart of, photos of you and various other wrestlers. A good amount of them seem to be with Baxter, just how long have you two known each other?


Jackson: (Thinks for 5 seconds) I believe 5 years. Off the top of my head, I don't recall in which organization we met, but we have kept the friendship alive. Now, let's get to the other half of the basement and it is worth more to a stranger than my entire house. Right this way gentlemen.


*Jim, David, and Carlos all walk to the concrete wall with a single steel door. D-Jack pulls out a single key and unlocks the lock. The door creaks as it opens and it is dark on the inside. All three men step through the door and Jackson turns on the light switch and many lights activate. We see more cases, but they do not have trophies in them. They have something much more deadly in them: weapons.*


Jackson: Welcome to the war room gentlemen. Do you like what you see? (Both nod yes) Good, now before I begin, Carlos, how much more memory is left in that camera?


Carlos: (Slight Spanish accent) I forgot to record over what was on here before so two minutes of memory left, sorry.


Jackson: Dang it, not much time. No need to apologize Carlos, I'll just give you the short version of everything as you walk around getting shots of each display. (Carlos is walking around the room as D-Jack is talking) Ok, as you can see, I have sub-machine guns, light machine guns, assault rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles, pistols, and muskets all in working condition. That was the firearms side of the room (all 3 men walk over to the other side of the room), this is the ancient weapons side of the room. I have a swords, shields, sais, crossbows, regular bows, axes, kanabos, twin hooks, staffs, and much more that I just do not have time to show you within the time frame. Take us home Jim.


Black: Thank for joining us on this tour of D-Jack's magnificent home. This is Jim Black with David Jackson signing off.


*The camera fades out.*

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