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A Experience Interview

David Jackson

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*The camera fades in and we see David Jackson and Jim Black sitting outside in comfortable clothes in lounge chairs. They are not in any old place outside mind you, they are in Abisko National Park in the Swedish province of Lapland near the Norwegian border. In the background, we see Scandinavia's (That's the region in northern Europe that includes Denmark, Norway, and Sweden) largest alpine lake. It is a beautiful day with natural wildlife all around them. Both men smile at the calm, the tranquility, the serene beauty of Sweden.


Black: (Still grinning) I can't believe how beautiful this place is. Looking at all of this clean, clear water is...breath taking.


Jackson: (Still grinning as well) That's the beauty of Sweden. Not only do they have Noble Prize winners, a rich folk-music scene, and the biggest amount of newspaper readers I have ever seen in a country, but they have so much natural beauty it's a big temptation to move here...or at least own a summer home.


Black: How did you know all of those facts about Sweden?


Jackson: I have been here a time or two before. You start learn and absorb the knowledge that a country has to offer the more you visit.


Black: I'll keep that in mind D-Jack. Now, the reason you are here is to do a interview as you may guess with the camera crew (Points to the camera). However, this interview will be something a little different. I'm want to know what your experience and what your knowledge has been since you became a wrestler.


Jackson: (Leans in) Sounds very interesting, I'm in. Fire away with the questions.


Black: During your 1st day of training to become a wrestler, what did you learn and experience?


Jackson: (Surprised) A tough one right off the bat. Usually, you build up to your tough ones. Anyway, before that 1st day began, I was full of energy. After that 1st day was over and I went to bed, still had alot of energy and no pain. When I woke up, I experienced pain all over my body and soreness was the king. I realized at that moment that wrestling was going to be a commitment and one I would have to work at very hard just to come out of it alive.


Black: What about when you were 1st learning wrestling holds and suplexes, what was that like?


Jackson: Very tricky business. I was told by my mentor that one inch off of your target, one slam on the wrong body part, one submission hold done the wrong way could send you, your opponent, or both to the hospital. Learning all the holds was hard. You had to learn to put on holds that not only caused pain, but it was safe to your opponent. No one wants to be remembered as the guy who turned a good wrestler into a quadriplegic. As far as the numerous different suplexes are concerned, the same premise applies. You want to do moves that are damaging, but you want your opponent to walk away from it all after it is over.


Black: Very good advice. Your 1st professional match in front of a crowd, what was that like?


Jackson: I had butterflies that did a power ranger morph into woodpeckers in my stomach. I was so nervous that day. At that time, I was part of a new wrestling organization called HVW (Hill Valley Wrestling), so everyone was under pressure to make a good 1st impression. From the time I arrived at the arena till the bell rang, I went over everything I learned in my head. The match worked well in my favor. The guy I was facing, Johnny Lightning, was a veteran who had been around for a good while, but never faced anyone who knew as many high flying moves or technical moves as I did. However, a bit of bad luck came my way. Johnny was on the ground and I was on the apron. I jumped up on the top rope to do a springboard headbutt. However, the top rope wasn't as tight as it should have been. It buckled wildly under my weight and I landed back 1st on a concrete floor with no padding.


Black: (Shocked) What happened? Did you injure yourself?


Jackson: Luckily, no, I just knocked the wind out of myself. However, the landing must have appeared worse. The ref stopped that match and I got hauled off to the back in a stretcher. After a few minutes to catch my breath and a thorough check of my motor functions, I was on my feet and heading towards the locker room. After my accident, a strict rule was in place to make sure that each rope was as tight as the rest. I was very lucky that day. My career almost ended before it even began.


Black: You barely dodged the bullet there D-Jack. Now, your very 1st title win. What was that experience like and what was the title called?


Jackson: A mixture of pain and emotion. I was so happy to own my 1st piece of hardware that I broke down crying in the middle of the ring. The title in question was the HVW Championship, which was the main title of the company. I celebrated that night by going out and hitting the town. After I woke up the next morning, I realized that I had a bullseye on my back larger than any other point in my career. I had my 1st professional match the month before hand and I was the 1st person to win that title. A young upstart just beat a bunch of grizzled veterans to the prize. I had an entire locker room of people waiting to beat me up.


Black: Quite a way to start your career. What was it like going into a locker room for the 1st time?


Jackson: (Thoughtful) Hmmm...I guess you could say it was unusual. I was not used to changing in front of other guys at the time. Some were talking like nothing was going on, others just wanted to change and get out of there, and others just glared at you. It takes awhile to get used to the environment and the occasional temper flares, but it is enjoyable, especially the towel fights.


Black: Some things never change from high school. Do you regret becoming a wrestler?


Jackson: Once or twice I have. I had two career choices when I decided to beat up other guys for a living. I was going to be a video game tester or a wrestler. A video game tester's job is easy, the pay is good, and when there are no video games to be tested for that company you work for, you get time off. A wrestler's job is hard work everyday, the pay and the location can be uncertain, and when you aren't on a card, you pray you are in a dark match that pays. I grew up loving and admiring wrestling and video games. I chose wrestling because you are in different locations each week, you get to meet new people, the sounds of the crowd is second to none, I actually look good with my shirt off, and I love leaving a mess in hotel rooms for the maids to clean up.


Black: You really are a mess there Jackson. Is there any advice you would like to give to any future wrestlers out there?


Jackson: Don't expect this business to be a cakewalk. You will be sore everyday after you perform. Keep your wrestling attire in your backpack that you carry on the plane. Always bring a good amount of cash with you because some atms are not 24 hours. Always arrive to your matches location early to take in the sights, sounds, and smells of the town. Keep a batch of coolant and oil in your car at all times if you plan on driving alot. Keep in contact with your family and loved one because you will miss them. Make sure you have someone trustworthy house sitting while you are gone. Stay on your fellow wrestler's good side if you can. Don't let your temper cloud your judgment in the ring. Drunk and a bar full of bikers don't mix.


Black: I want to ask you about that last one, but something inside of me is saying no, so I am going to follow that voice. Have you ever been apart of a squash match? If so, who did the squashing and what happened?


Jackson: Yes, I have been apart of one squash match. It was back in 2006 when Mayhem was returning. He did the squashing and I have never lost so quickly and badly in my career. I was a sacrificial lamb and the best way I know how to put it.


Black: On that note, word around the OCW lockeroom is that you have wanted a re-match with Mayhem the day after that match took place to this day. Why do you still want a re-match after all this time?


Jackson: I just want another shot at the monster. A long time has passed and careers have changed. I would like to show him and everyone else how much better I have gotten.


Black: Does the fact that he is the current OCW Champion help influence this desire?


Jackson: Not at all. I just want to get in the ring, shake his hand as the bell rings, and hopefully give him and the rest of OCW a good, quality match.


Black: (Remembers) Oh yes, one more question. OCW is in Sweden to do a show, but you are not on the card. Why join OCW in Sweden if you are not going to compete?


Jackson: Ever since I came back to OCW, I have been backstage at every show. I am there as a backup wrestler just in case someone is a no-show for their match. Besides, nothing beats the action live.


Black: Thanks for your time on this beautiful Swedish day D-Jack (Both men stand up and shake hands) (Turns to the camera) This is Jim Black with David Jackson signing off.


*The camera fades as it gets a good shot of the park's beauty.*

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