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Useless Dane Xavier

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The following took place during the final segment on OCW's Riot.





The scene opens backstage in gorilla position where D-Evolution, K.Dangelo & Jookie Marley stand chatting with each other. Dane Xavier comes through the curtain and greets the two men with a handshake. In his other hand he holds a briefcase, which he hands to K.Dangelo.


Dane Xavier: I hope your pain was worth this... and believe me, it's all there.


KD and Jookie look at the briefcase with smiles on their faces.


K.Dangelo: Oh it's worth it, it's worth every bit of a million each!


Dane Xavier: Use it wisely, I'll be talking with the two of you again soon.


Dane walks away from the two men who are obviously a million of something richer. The cameras follow and Jim Black comes into the scene with a microphone in hand.


Jim Black: Dane, I'd like to get a quick word with you.


Dane Xavier: No comment.

Dane continues walking right by Jim Black who begins to follow behind him.


Jim Black: Dane, why did you do that to the Black Dragon out there? The two of you seemed to be such good friends, and you said yourself that you make a great team.


Dane stops and turns to get right in Jim's face.


Dane Xavier: Didn't I say to you once already that OCW's interviewers do very piss poor at their job? I refuse to answer any questions that you or anyone else wastes my time with. But next week, if you want answers I'll give you answers... on my own terms. Next week on my talk show, Real Talk with Dane Xavier, I'll answer the questions that now rest on everyone's mind. And I will be having a very special guest on my talk show as well.


Jim Black: Wh-who will your guest be?


Dane Xavier: No more questions!


Dane power walks off the scene as Jim Black stands clueless. The scene fades.




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