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The what?

Brandon Hostile

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The white halls backstage of Riot Thursday, August 5th grace the presence of a future great, Brandon Hostile.

Hostile: You! Follow me, now!

Yelling at the camera man. A quick jerk and the camera drops down wobbling back and forth as the camera man jogs over to Hostile.

Hostile: Come in here. I need you for something and don't argue with me or I'll get your ass fired. This crap is private and shouldn't be heard by any the OCW star until its the right time.

Camera man: Okay? Whatever you say.


Hostile: Sit down right there and point the camera directly at me. Don't say a word!

The camera man sits down on the couch raises the camera and focuses it on the young Hostile as he sits down.


Hostile: Okay


Hostile pauses…


Hostile: You know what? Nevermind. I don't need you. Here lemme show you out okay?


The two get up and right as the camera mans walking out the door Hostile snatches the camera and kicks the camera man out of the room. Hostile locks the door and returns to his seat.


Hostile: There that's better. Lets get straight to the point here. I am Brandon Hostile, the one and only Hostile in this business and thee most Hostile in this business and I feel it is time to show it all, to you. You see, for the last month and a half two months I have been constantly pressuring management for matches that I deserve. Well, those matches haven't necessarily happened. I am in extreme displeasure with the management of OCW and today, I get whats rightfully mine. You have heard the saying, "The ball never lies." Aries, I have found a bit of a problem with you at the moment. You have yet to defend your title in the last 30 days.


I believe there is an OCW clause stating if a title is not defended in 30 days the holder is open to any challenge and he must accept. IF he rejects or cannot accept the title is vacated to OCW. Aries, I am challenging you. You must accept or you lose your Ex Division Championship. In which case I will soon win either way because I am the greatest Ex Division competitor OCW will ever see. The only one that will ever come close is my successor but even he wont surpass my greatness.


So, Aries, I believe its your move. And if you don't accept. Well, I'll just take your title anyway.


Hostile grabs the camera and walks to the door and throws it at the clueless camera man outside.


Hostile: Get the hell out of here.

The door slams shut and the camera fades.

You don't mean anything. You're insignificant and you will never know what hate is.
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