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Iceberg LeTuce

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[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c0RNz6PECoc]YouTube- Sup?[/ame]


*The scene opens in a brightly lit street in Las Vegas. The street is filled with dozens of casino's and bar's. A black van labled "OCW Camera Crew" pulls up outside of a large building with purple strobe lights. The reporter gel's back his hair and steps out with the two camera men who follow him up to "The Pussy Palace Massage Parlor." *


Reporter: "Right, let's get in and out as fast as physically possible. This place is far too tasteless"


*As they step towards the door a man is thrown backwards, out of the door, and into the reporter.*


Reporter: "What in the name of god???"


Man: "This is an OOOOH SEEE DOUBLEYAH special report from the one! The only! Greatest reporter OCW has ever seen hahaahhaha!!!"


*The man is dressed in stinking, dirty clothes and appears not to have shaven in a long time. He is wearing ripped woolen gloves and a tattered wool cap. He is holding a microphone*


Reporter: ".............Matt?......Matt Lamonicka? Is that really you? I haven't seen you in forever."


Matt Lamonicka: "Yeah buuuud! I've been reeeaaal busy with OCW reports and stuff. Had a bit of a run in with a shrink who said i had gone mentaly insane, what with being on the OCW set 24/7 and never actually doing any work!"


Reporter: "Uhh, well im real busy at the moment, but i'll talk with ya some other day."


*The reporter drops Lamonicka to the floor and leaves him as he, and the two camera men, head for the door*


Camera man 1: "wait....his mic isn't even plugged in..."






*Inside the "massage parlor", the reporter heads for the main desk to speak with the receptionist. He is greeted with shouts from a rather large man.*


Le'Tuce: "Hey braugh, unless you are here to pick up Mr Money's tab, i suggest you get the hell out braugh."


Reporter: "I beg your pardon, but we are here on buisness."


Le'Tuce: "Buisness! My favourite word. Well braugh, the sukmeov twins are currently with a Mr Ma'jin, but i could squeeze you in with Ms Fonda Cox braugh."


Reporter: ".....uhh..OCW buisness actually. We are here to do the interview you sceduled."


Le'Tuce: "Oh right braugh. Well ask away braugh."


Reporter: "Well we don't have much air time left, so this will have to be quick. Are you returning to delight the OCW fans?"


Le'Tuce: "Hell yeah braugh, ill be there. I have to make up for my crappy performances in my last few matches braugh. Now, you have to get out of here. I got Papa Bold comming in here in 15 minutes, and i gotta get eva into her Oakland Raiders gear. Nice talking braugh!"


*The reporters leave in a hurry with fear of seeing a frisky Bold.*

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