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It Ends

Brandon Hostile

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Brandon Hostile stands atop a rather large corporate looking building boarded up and defiled. Spray painted images cover the building and little is left of what once was. Remains of what used to be is so difficult to see in the night sky. The young Hostile lit up by small spot lights below motions his arms out.


Jacob Trance! I hear the news! It travels quite fast when people talk about me. You say, you jumped ahead. That we two we're always in a constant battle for who's going to be the next big thing. The countless matches we've had in the past. The blood we had to spill in-between our friendship. Jake, you know where I am right now?


Hostiles once again swings his arms out. The building and its entirety is revealed. Still not much detail can be depicted of the building except the general proportions and features.

This is where it all began. Two kids looking for a future in a business that unleashes hell on ones body and mind. We both know what we've been through. The difference between you and I, was that I actually cared about it. Jake, do you know why you won? I got tired of putting for the effort only to lose to politics. My first match ever, I got put in a tables match with a champion. Anyone could guess my fate. That day, I decided something. Life's not fair, so why should I be?


I have been preparing for this match, for a year now Jake. I let you move forward. I stood behind you to make sure you did. I got Aries stuck in Japan which was rather easy. I assure you he wont be back in time for Summercide. I ran Nathan over with a car but the poor bastard tried to make a return. So I attacked him after our match at Riot. I'm 100% that he is completely through now. Jacob, thats two off my list and now you are the only one left.


The match that is three years in the making, Jacob. This is where it all began. Right here, in this very building I stand on top of. At Summericide, it ends! The difference between you and I: I wont believe serpents lies or cry out to the sky. I fight for myself only. I'll pursue what I really want and wont let anything stop me. No matter what, I get what I want. Nothing bad will ever come from getting what I desire. Living my life this way has only brought great satisfaction. So I'll take it all and give nothing. Unlike you Trance. I'll see you for the Hostile takeover, Jake. It'll be the death of you.


Brandon Hostile reaches into his pocket and pulls out a match. He lights it, smiles and drops it. A huge inferno arises atop the building as Hostile turns and walks out of camera sight. Sirens slowly get louder as the camera fades.

You don't mean anything. You're insignificant and you will never know what hate is.
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