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From The Ashes Of The Fire He Rises


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~ With a pitch black night clouds mask the light of a full moon. With what little light that pierces the clouds in the night sky shine down on this abandoned house with broken and boarded windows. A shadowy figure with long flowing black hair with red highlights stands in front of the building with what looks like a 5 gallon gas can. Just looking at the house the figure slowly undoes the cap and walks toward the building. ~

???: We all need a haven, a sanctuary, a place to hide, a place to escape, a place to dream and hope, a place where the darkness won't seem so frightening. But for some the darkness is a relentless enemy that cannot be eluded. And once the darkness senses your fear, once it senses your pain, it is never far behind.

~ The man continues up the long walkway to the front steps and stands there for a few minutes with his eyes closed hearing the emptiness and the sounds of the nothingness consume him and begins to make his way around the building dousing the sides with gas and the smell of gasoline is in the air. ~

???: We all commit certain acts in our lives of an unsavory nature. Some bad, some worse, some unspeakable. Sometimes we suffer in silence, sometimes we seek redemption. I got what I wanted, but in attaining salvation there's a price that must be paid. One must give up a bit of one's self. The road, or the end of the road as it is, may not be quite as, what you expect. The glowing light at the end of the tunnel may not be the beacon of righteousness that you envisioned; but the fires of pain and turmoil. The entire purpose of human exsitence, is to kindle a light in the darkness of being. A nation of hollow stuffed people; bleeding together; heads stuffed with straw. Like the accelerent I placed upon ones past the fire will clean me of what was and light a path to what's to come. From the fires of death and destruction shall raise new life, new meaning and a renewed sense of purpose. I will be the Phoenix who's born from the fires.

~ The figure goes in his pocket and takes out a book of matches look at them and takes out a single stick and runs it across the flint and fire slowly takes form on the match. Taking one last look at the house the figure smiles and flicks the match. Seconds later the sky that was dark slowly glows into a light red and soft hint of orange. As smoke soon follows ~


Phoenix Splash - Top Rope

Redrum Driver - Groggy Front



Fire's Edge - Front

Phoenix Combo - Front









Signing With OCW



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