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Dane X-plains? (AFTER THE RIOT)

Useless Dane Xavier

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The scene opens backstage as Dane Xavier and Jasmine Dejour are leaving the arena. Suddenly, three figures come rushing into the scene before the two make it to their limo. It's Jim Black, Matt Lamonika, and Stacy Clark who all have microphones in hand. The trio, who have been avoided by Dane for months, seem desperate to get a word from the rich man by teaming up.


Matt Lamonika: Dane, can you explain why you were part of the match between Hostile and Trance?


Jim Black: Dane, why were you wearing a referee shirt?


Stacy Clark: Dane, why did you target the legs of Brandon Hostile after the match?


Suddenly, Dane's security team assembles in front of the three interviewers, blocking their path to Dane and his bombshell of an assistant. Dane looks unimpressed at the three announcers before entering the limo. Jasmine Dejour steps in front of the security team to address the three stooges.


Jasmine Dejour: Being Dane's assistant, I am permitted to speak on his behalf. What Dane took part in tonight was his choice, and strictly his business.


Jasmine Dejour: After speaking with the booking team before the show and... persuading them... to make a slight change to the card, Dane was allowed to be the special ringside enforcer for the match between Hostile and Trance. After the fact, Dane informed me that he did this to make carrying through with his plans a little easier, seeing as how Hostile had made things rather difficult for him in the previous weeks.


Jasmine Dejour: Dane is a man with many priorities, and feels burdened with having to deal with Mr. Hostile. He also feels that weakening Hostiles offensive base, his legs and feet, the soul thing that he depends on in his Hostile Takeover will now be the soul downfall of the failing takeover.


Jasmine Dejour: Now if you will excuse me, Dane and I have places to be and more important people to see.


Jasmine enters the limo and the driver closes the door. He enters the driver side and the limo drives off. Dane's security team exits the scene while the three announcers stand dumbfounded.




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