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Stacy Clark

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This interview was previously recorded via telephone by Ocwfed.net on the previous date of 10/9/10 with Wonderful Wesley.


The following interview between Wonderful Wesley, and Ocwfed.net's very own Stacey Clark occured just only 3 days following the release of Wonderful Wesley from his imprisonment sentence in his very own Canada state. Wonderful Wesley was contacted by Stacy Clark at his house in Calgary:


Stacy Clark(Voice): Hello, Wesley. Before we start I just want to say that congratulations upon your release just a few short days ago. I'm glad we're able to have this interview finally.


Wesley(Voice): Well thank you, but I can't lie about not being happy to finally be back. It's been a long, grueling, and disappointing several months for myself.


Stacey Clark(Voice): Yes, about that. Let's talk about it if you don't mind on the details surrounding the rumors, and the details about your absence. Everyone wants to know straight from your own mouth.


Wesley(Voice): I had a feeling I would have some explaining to do, and I'll go on the record to say I made some wrong decisions in my life. I may have been "Wonderful" Wes in OCW, and inside the ring, but on the outside... I was something much worse, and I needed help.


Stacey Clark(Voice): Are the rumors true... did it involve drugs, and what was your involvement?


Wesley(Voice): Uhh... Well I'm going to be completely honest here because I'm looking to redeem myself, and my image. Yes I was involved, and it was mixed in with drugs.


Stacey Clark(Voice): Ohh... So they're true. Well the only logical question next is why get involved... why throw away your life, all the effort, hard work, and your career away to get associated in the hard world of drugs, pills, and crime?


Wesley(Voice): It's not much of any excuse I can use to make up for the things I've done. The problems I've created, and the crimes I committed. I can't just say sorry, and move on like it's going to go away. This is apart of my life forever. I'm an ex-con... an ex-drug dealer. I been around this type of world all my life.


Wesley(Voice): Only thing that actually made me a better person was wrestling. I was at a bad time in my life, and I was going the route that I'm currently recovering from. I decided to take up wrestling, and become the next black sensational wrestler in any business that would sign me to a contract. I wrestled all around Canda, and my cousin Smythe broke out first in wrestling when signed to OCW. I knew then I wanted to become just like him, and achieve great things.


Stacey Clark(Voice): So why get involved if you had things going? You were a former OCW ex champion, tag team, and hardcore champion. You headlined Wrestlution 4 in a 4way cage match defending your OCW ex-title. You had a successful career very early, and why turn back to that rough life that you say wrestling saved you from?


Wesley(Voice): Honestly, Stacey I don't have a reason for that. I wish I did, but maybe I just was destined to go that route with my life. Maybe I was trying to fill a void for my career in OCW was on a downhill. I think alot can be used for reasoning, but no matter what the reason it doesn't make it right. All the blame is on my shoulders, I made the decisions, and I got to live with the regrets.


Stacey Clark(Voice): Well I understand, and I think everyone gets a second chance. I think these fans might forgive your troubled past, and actions, but it'll take time. However I won't take much more of your time, but I just want to ask one final question. Now you're released... will we see you return to OCW anytime soon?


Wesley(Voice): I can't say that I'm returning, but it's something I would love to have the chance to do. The anniversary show would be the moment, but it's a stretch if I can return tomorrow at the event. Maybe down the road the OCW will once again be graced with my presence, but for now all I can say is never say never.


Stacey Clark(Voice): Well thanks for everything, and good luck with everything. I hope good things for yourself, and we here at Ocwfed.net say congrats on your second chance. Goodbye Wesley.


Wesley(Voice): Bye...




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