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OCW Ambition I - December 5th, 2010

Vic Vimes

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From Madison Square Garden, New York


December 5th, 2010


Main Event

The Draw


Chris Baxter vs. Guy Fausto

Guy Fausto makes his return to OCW competition on Ambition for incentive for you bastards to watch the rookies. He returns agains an opponent he has not faced often, reigning Television Champion Chris Baxter.


Royce Bentley vs. Paul Pugh

The mouthiest of the new class faces off against the least new of the new class.


Kadir Yasan vs. Drew De'Niro

The over enthsiastic newb goes against the latest Nash rip off.


Mike O'Malley vs. TJ Stevens

The Riot Reject goes against the most unknown of the individuals on this program.


Big Daddy vs. Aaron Porter

The idiot I fired years ago for being awful tries to make a comeback. His first obstacle is the rough Texan rookie Aaron Porter.


Use the Superstars arena. RPs from the rookies are highly encouraged, as there will be a poll to let OCW and it's fans vote to who made the biggest impact on Ambition.


The deadline is Saturday Night at Midnight. I will not accept files uploaded via Megaupload or Rapidshare. They are horrible services, use filefront or sendspace instead.

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