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Interview with Damien Kain

Damien Kain

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*The camera fades in and we see Jim Black sitting down in the interview room at OCW Headquarters. There is one other chair in the room and it's occupied by New Comer Damien Kain. They are sitting there bullshitting before the camrea starts to record.


Black: Hello everyone and welcome to this exclusive on OCWfed.com. We are meeting with a new comer to the league for the first time let me welcome Damien Kain


Damien: Thank you Jim I'm glad to be here.


Black: What is it like coming into Ocw?


Damien: I wanted to join a company thats been around for a while with great superstars. After searching around OCW fit the call. Around for 6 yrs and having a great roster. I made Ocw my first choice.


Black: Let me be the first to welcome you to the league and cant wait to see you in action.


Damien: (Grins) Yes, when i'm called up for a match i'll be willing and ready.

Black: What was your plans for OCW?


Damien: My plans are simple be the best i can be and eventally hold some type of gold here.


Black:(Looking into the camera) It looks like Damien is set. He just looking for the chance to show off his skills here in OCW. Thanks for stoppin by Damien.


Damien: Thanks for having me Mr. Black. (Reaches put to shake his hand)


*The screen pulls back to get a full looks at Damien wearing red black and white army pants a white hoodie with CG on it.


*As it pulls back a little farther Damien stands up looks at the camera and says "See U Soon Guys"

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