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How To End The Year In Uncertainty

David Jackson

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*This was recorded on Saturday, December 18, 2010 at 4:30 PM in the Baltimore, Maryland Arena.*


*The camera fades in and we see David Jackson in his street clothes with his signature war paint on. He is sitting in the arena stands with a deep thinking look in his eyes, his legs crossed, and the OCW EX Championship on his shoulder. Jim Black walks into camera range and is wearing a casual attire. He sits down and that snaps D-Jack back into reality. He turns his head to see Jim sitting right next to him. Jackson shakes his head to keep his attention on the here and now.*


Black: (Slightly concerned) David, how long have you been sitting here? The OCW technical crew said that you haven't moved an inch for hours.


Jackson: (Uncrosses his legs and grunts in relief) What time is it?


Black: (Looks at his watch) It's 4:31 PM in the afternoon.


Jackson: (Sighs) The last time I looked at a clock, it was 1:00 PM. So, to answer your question, I've been sitting here roughly for 3 1/2 hours without moving.


Black: (Wide-eyed) Did you have a seizure? One of my uncles used to sit in one place and...


Jackson: (Cuts Jim off) No, mate, I didn't have that type of seizure. I was just reflecting on the past couple of weeks and tomorrow.


Black: What about the past few weeks has your attention D-Jack?


Jackson: Where to start is the better question. I had a four year wish come true. I get to face Mayhem again after a world class beat down he gave me four years ago. At that point in time, he was undefeated. He blew threw everyone that was placed in front of him. I don't know if management thought that Mayhem could use a easy victory, maybe beating one pirate wasn't go enough for Mayhem and he needed to beat both, or maybe one of the OCW brass decided to give me a shot and see what I can do when I was thrown against the best OCW has to offer. Whatever the reason, I brought the fight to Mayhem and I made him work to catch his prey.


At some point, Mayhem got so frustrated that he couldn't put me away that he got a chair from under the ring and bashed it on my head. It may have been a technicality, but Mayhem lost to the most unlikely of people, me. I would've preferred to pin him or make him tap, but we can't always get what we want.


Black: That match made an impression all over OCW and beyond. As a matter of fact, the impression was so great that you were put in a match for the EX Championship, a title that you now hold. You had to be tickled at that.


Jackson: (Looks at the title and grins) That I am. As I am recovering from that beat down Mayhem and I gave each other, I get the card for Riot that following week. I dropped my phone when I saw what kind of match I was participating in and who was my opponent. I was fighting for the OCW EX Championship and my opponent was Nathan Gaines. Gaines and I hadn't fought each other since we were both in CCW. We had two really good matches and I beat him in both. As far as I know, correct me if I am wrong, I am the only EX division wrestler that Nathan hasn't beaten. I saw this as a opportunity to have another great match and possibly capture that title.


Black: That match didn't exactly go as it did in your head huh?


Jackson: Nowhere even remotely close. In the past, we went move for move, blow for blow, counter for counter. That day, it just wasn't the case. It don't know if Gaines had an off day, my match with Mayhem raised my aggressiveness, or what. I just plowed right threw him and ended the match in what seemed like record time. The ref held my hand in victory and put the title in my hands. The 4th of July was going of in my head, I stunned the world, and myself. I became the top man in the EX division. Baxter met me backstage and shook my hands in a congratulatory manner. Chris is the Television Champion and I am the EX Champion. (Grins) The pirates were starting to take over OCW. We went out to a local BBQ joint and enjoyed the night like it was our last.


Black: It's a good thing that it wasn't your last. It would be bad for you to work for years to get to a title and die that night. Anyway, the next Riot had you facing someone you have never faced before I believe.


Jackson: Very perceptive young padawan. I was hoping that I would face Gaines that following week to give him his re-match. However, it was the local pimp of OCW, Iceberg Le'tuce that I ended up facing. One thing though, you'd think that a pimp like him could get top merchandise instead of the discount aisle where he finds all of his hoes. Maybe that's all he can afford. Anyway, the match was back and forth. I tried putting him away and vice versa, but neither one of us had any luck. After I gave him the Davy Jones Leg Sweep, I decided to do something I haven't done in a long time. I slapped on a Single Leg Boston Crab and made him tap. I was surprised to earn a submission victory after not having one in so long. Anyway, that match was not the only one I was looking forward to that night.


Black: (Thinks for a second) Ah yes, that night there was also a Fatal Four Way for the No. 1 Contendership for the OCW EX Championship. After hearing you scream from the locker room, "How the hell did he win?!?," it's safe to say that it didn't go the way you wanted it to go.


Jackson: That is very accurate there Jimbo. I was rooting for the surprise entrant Katinzo Hatachi. I didn't expect him to show up in that match and I wanted him to be No. 1 Contender badly. I've been on the losing side everytime I've fought him and I've been itching to face him again. Then the match ended and Jookie's hand was raised in hand. After I screamed that phrase, I realized that by hook or by crook, he was No. 1 Contender for my title and I had better deal with it. At 1st, I wrote off Marley as a annoyance not worth of my time. However, I wasn't about to let my eyes off of him till our match was over. I watched him perform and listened to him over the mic. I'll get to the rest of my thoughts on Jookie in a little bit.


Black: Alright then, let's get to your most recent match. It was champion vs champion, the OCW Television Champion vs the OCW EX Champion, Chris Baxter vs. David Jackson. That match was one of the longest and most grueling I have ever seen. How did that match affect the both of you?


Jackson: Well, Baxter and I have been fighting over titles, territory, pride, ego, and any excuse we could think of for over 5 years. We've always fought in a draw. By that I mean no one had the clear upper head in any of our past matches. That match was one of our best that we've had in a long time, but the method of operation was still the same. Neither one of us dominated, had the upper hand, or squashed the other. After 45 minutes, we were both on the verge of complete exhaustion. One of us finally hit our finisher and it wasn't me. I couldn't kick out if I wanted and Baxter got his hand raised in victory. I wouldn't be surprised if he became the next No. 1 Contender for the EX Championship after that victory.


Black: I can only imagine that your body was glad to have a week to relax after the beatings it has endured. Let's turn our attention to tomorrow. What has your interest tomorrow.


Jackson: Three things: The King of OCW Tournament, The EX Championship match, and Mayhem's title match.


Black: Why is the King of OCW Tournament on your mind? As far as I know, you are not a part of it.


Jackson: My captain Chris Baxter is in the tournament and I wish him quick and clean victories. I wish I would have been apart of it, just to experience what it was like. The possibility of wrestling triple duty that night is intriguing and tiring to think of at the same time. Plus the chance to whip on K.D. again is a fun idea.


Black: The EX Championship is on your mind for obvious reasons. Any thoughts on that title match tomorrow?


Jackson: I would say I predict victory, but I didn't want my head to swell with pride. Your mind loses focus, your balance is thrown off, and that is when your are most venerable. Anything can happen in OCW, even Jookie knocking me off of my throne. I hope he brings his A-game tomorrow. If he doesn't, I will knock him out of my way. If I don't bring my A-game, I expect the same treatment from Jookie. Tomorrow will end one of two ways, I end the year as champion or I have one of the shortest EX title reigns in OCW history.


Black: Now, Mayhem's Mystery OCW Heavyweight Championship match. Do you have anything to do with that match's creation or are you revealing that you are Mayhem's opponent.


Jackson: (Slightly chuckles) I had nothing to do with the match's creation and as far as I know, I am not his mystery opponent. It's on my mind because I could be his mystery opponent. Anyone in or out of OCW is on notice and that makes for much speculation. I want it to be me because I don't want the only victory I have over Mayhem to be a technicality. Plus, adding another shiny title to the pirate treasure room would be nice. Well, thanks for listening to me ramble Jim. I'll pay for dinner somewhere down the road. Actually, I'm hungry right now for dinner after all that talking. Care to join me for that dinner?


Black: (Nods his head yes) I think I'll take you up on that offer.


Jackson: (Motions) Lead the way Mr. Black


*The camera fades as they walk up the arena stairs.*

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