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The Hunger Promo Pt.II


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{As our December 12th edition of Ambition came to a close the screen retires to it's traditional dull black glow that precedes your regularly scheduled program... As seconds tick by still nothing, black..silence...with out warning all would change. The sound of what could only be described as boiling water accompanied by the horrific screams of both men and women in unimaginable pain and anguish break the silence.


As the screams echo through out the viewers home, one can't help but stayed glued to the screen as grainy still frame images begin to appear from the tatterd old film reel. Human remains of every variety occupy the screen, bubbled and distorted by poor storage conditions of the film. As the clips repeats over and over new images intrude on the horrific sights. Black and white still photos of Samoan royalty and warriors adorn with tribal paint huddled around a boiling uma, a row of human remains chared still still smoldering sitting legs folded after being slow roasted for hours make the weak stomached queezy...Fianlly a deep throated voice that would rattle the most courageous souls booms through the speakers}



Patolomai: "Unutoa"



{The images and screams screech to a halt and the screen returns to black just as quickly as it burst to life followed by the OCW logo}



Samoan translation



"Unutoa"- To extract the human element out of the warrior


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