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Father Time

Damien Kain

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The darkness surrounds me. It speaks ever so softly in my ear. It says, it's your time to shine. Not theres. You are doing this for your Wife your family and your kids. You put your body on the line for entertainment, to make sure they can eat. It's hard being you. You must do whatever is possible to win. It's a whole new world for you. Before this, I didn't have a care in the world. She is now the heart of your soul. But I sit in the darkness, all night, with thoughts of waiting for that chance to show what your made of.


Now, before anything else. Let me elaborate on the situation. My name is Damien Kain, professinal wrestler. 32 years old, and a father of four.


I look at the blinking light on my alarm clock, the time reading 3:30. I have been sitting up in bed for the past 3 hours, making sure everything is ok, I am there. But nothing. I sat up, and moved over towards my bedroom door. I creeped it open, and wandered out into my dark, quiet house. I flipped on the kitchen light, and the lights hit my eyes like a rock. Before long, I see my dogs, the ever so popular X and our latest addition, Shakur. Shakur was outstreched on the floor in front of the cabinet, and X sat upright, right near my coffee pot. I flipped my coffee pot on, brewing yet another pot of my White Choc. Coffee. I believe my third pot today. X rubbed up against the side of my leg, and let out a solid bark.


I flipped open my laptop to check my email. Normally spam, random fans asking me to send them 8x10 photos of myself, and I hadn't seen a major company request me in monthes. As I deleted the mail one by one, a message caught my eye.


"OCW welcomes Damien Kain!!!"


I stared very intensely, looking over the link to the federation. They had some top notch talent. Including Top Notch Superstars. They had some amazing talent in K. Dangleo, David Jackson, Dane Xavier, Mayhem, Crowe, I would do anything to prove my worth against these guys.


The next 4 hours were long. I checked my Facebook, drank coffee, did pushups, made sure Shakur and X went outside. I even got dressed at 5am. I threw on some Light Grey jeans, my black studded belt and my black wife beater shirt.


I crept past my sleeping wife to my bathroom, where I shaved off the five o'clock shadow and opened up my medicine cabninent. I looked at my medication, and sighed. I know I have a problem, its just I wish I didn't have to take drugs for it. I have Stage 2 Bi-Polar disorder, and Clincal Depression. Being also that I don't sleep doesn't help.


I took my meds and walked back into my kitchen. X was bitting the side of my fridge.

"X!" I screamed towards him as his brown eyes shifted towards me and he scambered underneath my kitchen table. I then looked at my laptop and it had a message blinking on the screen. I went over and it was the OCW Owner.


"Thanks Kain, be in Ocw in a few days. Everyone is waiting for you. You do this, you become on Ocw contenders. Good luck kid."


I clutched my fists and yelled in my house. I was so excited, just the chance to compete against top notch talent once again. But I shouldn't take this lightly. Not one bit. My yelling attracted the attention of my sleeping wife.


"Whats Wrong?."


I went into Bedroom, and sat down on the bed. I looked at her dark green eyes and held her in my arms.


"Desiree, I have a chance to show off my talent again honey."


She gave out a little smile, and said " You will do fine u always have."


As i walk to grab my bag and turn and look into her eyes and say" ill be home soon off to work."


Heading out the door to my car the phone rings its my wife " We love you and are always behide. Have fun."

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