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Damien Kain

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My first official OCW promo. Nothing major, as they're not all too worried about hyping up a preshow match. They're more worried about the Aries open challenge and Vincent Valmont beating to aries, Most of OCW, and the OCW fans, know not a damn thing of who I am. Threrefore, I've been given a time limit and little resources, as far as the excitement factor is concerned.


In all reality, my promo room is a simple setup. It's being held in the break room of the OCW Hq back room. My surroundings consist of tables and white walls. A few chubby crew members, stuffing their faces with food and drink. At least the promo crew rushes these guys out of the shot before starting.


I guess all the better setups were given to the better known competitors...

I'm instructed to take a seat near the wall, which I do promptly and without arguement. It beats standing, eh? I remove a few bottles of beer from my jacket pocket before sliding the coat off and laying it on a table to my left, where I stand the bottles of beer, too. I open one and take a sip, smirking as the crew looks on, disapprovingly.


"Problem, boys?" I ask, pausing from my drink and holding the bottle just below my lips.

"Err no, Mr. Kain." says the, I would call, the director of this shoot. "Make yourself comfortable."


A smirk reaches my lips once again, as these words reach my ears. Nodding slightly, I rest the bottle on the table and remove a pack of cigarettes from my jacket pocket, lighting one up as the "director" scowls. "Mr. Kain, you can't smoke in here."

"Yeah?" I hit the cigarette again, not putting it out.


"Yes, sir. Didn't you see the No Smoking signs posted outside the entrance?"

"...Fuck you, and your signs." I chuckle, hitting my cig again.


He then instructs a lesser crew member to open a window, which the young man does without hesitation. The entire crew seems slightly frustrated at this point, but I could care less. Watching them shuffle around, setting everything up to perfection, only reminds me the difference between me and them. They follow the rules to the letter...

I make my own rules.


"You ready, Mr. Kain?" The Director asks, that unpleasant look still about him. I simply nod, taking another drink of Budweiser. Finally, one of the crew members begins the finger motioned countdown. Five...Four...Three...Two.....


I can't help but laugh to myself at the silence being filmed. Watching as the crew looks on, confused by my lack of words. It takes only a moment for the Director to whisper "You're on, Mr. Kain."


"Fans and Roster, OCW proudly presents to you.. Damien Kain." I set my beer back on the table, hitting my cigarette once more. The smoke creats a vague shroud around me as I speak. "Damien Kain... made a mistake. I looked at the name, OCW, and I thought that this was where I belonged. I thought that this was the place to find everything I deserved in my career. And, I was wrong."


By now, the crew is wondering just what the hell I'm doing. These dumbasses can't understand controversy..


"Look around you, OCW. There's nothing here. There's no drama. No challenge. Nothing. I am the only real rookie here with any balls, and my potential and my skills are being wasted on a preshow match up. This roster has no clue, and Aries, himself, has no fucking clue. It was shit before Damien Kain, and it'll be shit when Damien walks away."

Now, the crew is frantic. D. Kain is using his air time to leave OCW? I know exactly what they're thinking.


"Aries, I'm giving you ONE chance give a so called rookie a shoot. After I dominate this match, OCW better put my talent to use, or I'm OUT of this shit hole. I said, I don't mind starting at the bottom and working my way up. BUT, I never meant being added to the jobbers list and thrown into a preshow circus act. Damien Kain is much more valuable than that... With that being said, I suppose I'll use this promo time to address said reply to OPEN challenge match."


I down the remainder of my beer and take the last hit of my cig, dropping the butt into the empty bottle.


"Last Man Standing Match, is what i purpose to see if the beating u took from Valmont gave you for show or real. And the only challenge you got was from a kid who simply can't hold his liquor. Trust me, his spidey senses won't help him in a match against you. No Pepsi sugar rush can help him. No pain dulling whiskey buzz can help you. And no make believe superhero powers can what help this so called superhero, kid. I BELONG in this match, unlike you."


"??? In Pink. Babe, you don't belong in this match. You've got something special. Something that Damien sees and likes. You know what that is? Tits. You don't belong in around this match, ???, you belong in my bed, right along with me. I'll show you both that, not only am I a soldier in the ring, but a soldier in the sack, as well."


I smirk, winking into the camera as the crew members are all beside themselves with cunfusion and disapproval.


"Robert Fearo. What are you, the lost Hurricane? You're last promo will probably be a shoot from a diner while you talk unrelevant bullshit and stuff your face with chili dogs. Dude, you might as well not even enter the challege. Or, just jump of the roof top to save Aries the trouble of tossing your ass over it.


I open my second bottle of beer and take a gulp. Staring at the crew momentarily, I can see they're ready to wrap this up before I go any further, but my time isn't up yet.


"And now, I've saved the best for last i have made alot of changes to myself dealing with others. I have new found friends whose names i aint going to mention. A new found look on life and my career and im making changes.

Changes will be made....

Aries its up to You now.............


With that, I finish my drink and stand. Before walking away, I send one last smirk into the camera.


"???... call me, Gorgeous."


I grab my coat and walk way, ending the promo.

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