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The Tanning Salon Setback.

Karim TGO

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*Scene opens with Karim leaving the tanning Salon on crutches. Recording himself with his Mac Book Pro, he streams a message for OCW*

Karim: Hello OCW... It's me again. As you can see, I have been cursed with yet another injury.


*Karim points the camera down onto his ankle which appears to be in an unnecessarily thick cast*

Karim: I know! It's awful! It happened on the way to the contract signing. The damn marble flooring at OCW-HQ was so slippery and caused me to slip, leaving sever damage on my ankle. Doctors don't know how long it's going to take to heal. Now I know, this may disappoint alot of my fans, hell nobody is as disappointed as I am. I know this must look like me trying to duck the competition, I assure you this couldn't be further from the truth. I would like to appologise to my fans in the OCW lockeroom, I know you guys were all so excited to see me, but I guess its going to have to wait. Sorry guys, I'll keep you all posted on my progress.


*Karim puts the laptop on the table, not realising the stream is still on. He throws his crutches on the floor and walks over to the receptionist at the counter, with an extra skip in his step*

Receptionist: What was all that about?


Karim: That? Oh, nothing, just had to take some time from work.


Receptionist: But you're fine? What's with the crutches?


Karim: What's with all the fucking questions? Now, I hear you guys do "full" body massages... *winks*

*The Receptionist has a look of disgust on her face*

Receptionist: Sir, I think you need to leave, I'm a married woman, I have no interest in servicing you.


Karim: You know what, I'm sorry, I was out of line... Can I make it up to you bytaking you for dinner?

*The Receptionist stares blankly*

Karim: That a no? OK, well I'm off, your loss sweetheart.


*Karim walks out of the salon*

Receptionist: Sir! You forgot your things.


Karim: Shit! My laptop, god, don't want people getting their filthy paws on that now do we?


Receptionist: ...and your crutches sir?


Karim: Oh... those, you keep em, i don't need them.


*Karim walks out the salon with a smile on his face*






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this was classic, very good stuff.

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